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Fake NGK Spark Plug | Counterfeit G-Power DCPR7EGP

Most people easily be fooled by the naked eye appearance if you don't look into the details because don't have the time and neglect the importance of it as long as it works. However the ultimate consequences may result in high potential or losing your car. 

This blog will elaborate about NGK G-Power DCPR7EGP

What are the potential can happen when using fake spark plugs?

1. Poor material built - Fake spark usually zinc coated to make it looks stand out shine to cover up the machine mark during manufacturing of the product. Low quality products such as the ceramic coating of the tip electrode may breaks easily and fall into the engine due to constant heat and pressure from the cylinder head (piston) during combustions. Other consequences based on NGK 
  • Engine misfiring
  • Loss of power
  • Plug fouling
  • Poor Fuel Economy
  • Accelerated plug wear
From naked eye view the zinc coated spark plug usually looks shining bright -- and you can't tell if it is zinc coated or nickel. Using a mobile phone camera zoom in you will notice the rainbow effect of zinc coating. The original is yellowish even if you zoom in still having yellowish effect.

If the fake spark plug is heavily coated with zinc it would look like below --- the obvious rainbow effect of zinc coated metal.

Counterfeit box: Fake spark plug box doesn't have the stock number and barcode printed. However this is not the most significant evidence of fake spark plug since it can easily be scanned and copied to make it exactly look the same as genuine one. Nonetheless it can be the first to look at since the counterfeit maker might be outdated of the original box design.

The sleeve protector of the genuine spark plug is tight fit to protect the gap of the spark plug from mishandling during shipment or warehouse storage. Fake protector sleeve is cheap and totally loose - exposing to accidental re-gap. See NGK statement below how important is the gap of the spark plug read NGK gapping

The incorrect plug gap for your engine can contribute to a high rate of misfires, loss of power, plug fouling, poor fuel economy and accelerated plug wear.

To know the spark plug gap of your car - read the owner's manual and here is example of Perodua Alza. Gap 0.9mm cannot be more but can be less -0.1mm which is 0.8mm. So DCPR7EGP is 0.8mm suit Alza.

The most obvious feature you can notice on counterfeit spark plug is the terminal nut indentation is not consistent and not deep enough compare to the genuine one. This is one that you can notice on naked eye view. When you go to the shop this is the one you should check on the spark plug at first glance.

Notice the fake NGK terminal nut is shallow and inconsistent some goes to the left or right while the genuine one precisely centered and deep. You can easily notice this at first glance when inspecting the spark plug.

The line patterns on the metal casing of fake spark plug is vertical while the original NGK is slash or diagonal patterns. If you research on the internet only China produce the vertical line patterns.

Check the resistance of the spark plug based on NGK technical specification for DCPR7EGP is 5k Ohm. Use a multimeter to measure the resistance of the spark plug from terminal nut to the electrode tip.

Stock number for DCPR7EGP is 1682 and it is written on the spark plug hex nut. However if you find N13R this is completely non-existence.

The negative electrode of the fake DCPR7EGP is not easily noticeable without the help of camera zoom. It's 99% identical from naked eye view - but if you zoom into the detail and take a snapshot using camera you will find machine mark under the curve that make it curved. Unlike the original if you zoom the camera top bottom of the negative electrode perfectly smooth.

This is difficult to spot without attention to detail

The terminal nut also looks very identical from naked eye view - but if you zoomed in using camera and take a snap shot you will notice the difference. The inconsistent black marks on the counterfeit vs the genuine one. See below

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