Car maintenance tips / tricks

Problems Possible root causes Diagnose / Troubleshoot
Engine Overheat Clogged / blocked radiator Check for internal rust build up inside radiator - need professionals
Leaked radiator Check for leakage point / check coolant volume
Bad radiator butterfly screw Check for leakage point
Broken coolant reservoir tank Check for leakage or holes / check coolant volume
Bad / failing thermostat Check for thermostat mechanism if it still working or fail
Bad / failing waterpump Need professional mechanic to inspect
Leak on the water pump gasket Check for leakage on the water pump / check coolant volume
Bad leaked radiator hoses Check for leakage and coolant volume capacity
Clogged catalytic converter
Engine Unable to start / stopped prematurely Bad / failing spark plug Check spark plug ensure to generate spark
Check ignition coil if it is working properly
Check ignition coil wiring make sure all deliver current to fire the spark plugs
Bad fuel injectors Check clogged fuel injectors
Check fuel injectors wiring - no loose or broken connections
Bad fuel pump Check fuel pump ensue it function normally - able to deliver fuel and pressure
Check fuel pump wiring - no loose or broken connections
Check fuel pump fuse
Check fuel pump wiring
Check fuel pump filter not clogged
Ignition switch check ignition switch ensure it function normally
check wiring - no loose or broken connections
check fuse
Battery Check battery voltage ensure enough charges
Check wiring - no loose or broken connection especially ground wires
Alternator Ensure alternator working as expected
Check wiring no loose or broken to charge the battery
Starter Check it is working as expected
ECU Check the wiring to ECU
Check if ECU already gone bad
Clogged catalytic converter
Suspension / undercarriage sound noise Bad engine mount Check ball joint
bad CV joint (Driveshaft) Check ball joint outer / inner | boots
Power steering bush Check bush
Stabilizer link bar Check ball joints
Lower arm Check ball joints
Power steering inner tie rod Check ball joint
Power steering tie rod end Check ball joint
Stabilizer bar bush Check bush
Absorber Check absorber / spring / mount | boots
Belting area noise Alternator pulley check pulley bearing noise
Belt check wear / tear, alignment and fitness into the pulley's thread | check belt tension not too loose or tight
Tensioner pulley check bearing noise and alignment
Crankshaft pulley check bearing noise and harmonic rubber balancer and alignment
Water pump pulley check bearing noise and alignment
Aircond compressor pulley check bearing noise and alignment
Idler pulley check bearing noise and alignment
Engine shaking / vibration Spark plug Check spark plug is working
Ignition coil Check ignition coils are working
Engine mounts Check engine mount no damage
Fuel injectors Check all fuel injectors are working
All belting pulleys + belting Check belting misalignment
Check pulleys misalignment
Check belting tensions too loose / too tight
Throttle cable Check throttle cable not depress by anything

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