Sunday, September 16, 2018

How to check DiGi band frequency on android phone

If you are curious on what frequency band the phone is supported on Android - it can be easily checked using this code #*0011#. It will display the frequency randomly depending on the connection available. So I am using Samsung Galaxy A5 and it supported all the 3 bands available from DiGi

By typing #*0011# these band network will randomly change depending on the best of signal available

Band 3 - 900 Mhz - Bandwidth 15 Mhz
Band 7 - 2600 Mhz (2.6 Ghz) - Bandwidth 20 Mhz
Band 8 - 1800 Mhz (1.8 Ghz) - Bandeidth 5 Mhz

Digi has their LTE-Advanced 1800mhz(100mbps) + 2600mhz(75mbps) = 175mbps for currently
no news for their LTE-advanced pro and LTE-advanced with their 900mhz

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