DIY 4G LTE Booster Project

Internet connection wasn't good for me back then and the experience took a toll of almost 7 years time until then I found a way how to solve the problem. The speed was like 0.5 Mbps despite subscribing to 2 Mbps line and most of the time become unusable due to congested bandwidth of the Internet traffic.

That nightmare changed after I subscribed to 4G Internet data provider - although it was not as good in the first month or two. But the speed has improved significantly once I learned about electronic how to boost the 4G LTE signal.

In the beginning, it all started with 1 component called crystal oscillator - and it was the 20 MegaHertz version. I got the idea from a modem and mobile phone which used to have this component along to generate some signal frequency - and you can find this in all telecommunication devices like cellphones, modem, walkie-talkie, radar, etc.

So there was my first experiment - but it failed at some stage because the crystal oscillator could actually overpower the 4G LTE modem signal when it is propagating too close to the modem. Despite this, it didn't stop there and the experiment continues on until I achieved almost perfection where the modem signal is near 95% constant without going down.

It has been almost 2 years now - all still work as usual and running smoothly.

The first two videos obviously during the early days of the experiment using just a piece of the crystal oscillator to experiment the frequency. It did affect some signal of the Huawei E5377 modem but in a bad way where it jammed the signal.

Experiment with an antenna made of a soft drink can cut out in shape of the 4G antenna - so the frequency is generated from 20 Mhz crystal oscillator. This also did some impact to the modem signal but inconsistent and sometimes it good other time it is worst as if without the booster.

These two videos demonstrate additional components such as RF inductors and diode and it did give some good impact to the modem but the positioning distance of the antenna transmitter must be correct otherwise there is no boosting effect if too far or having signal jammed if placed too close. It works for a couple of months but sometimes things happen where I need to move things around and got the signal loss again. At this stage, the signal amplifier improved significantly although was not perfect but usable until then.

Below is the ultimate booster 95% consistent full signal - yet you can still experiment and adjust it accordingly to the best of its performance. Major combination of 20 Mhz and 48 Mhz crystal oscillators and MAX2572 IC then diode signal mixer and germanium diode as well as the final circuit using CD4017BE frequency multiplier IC 5 components.

I have been using this so far until these days no 100% satisfaction guaranteed without 1 single doubt. This is a living proof that you can make your own DIY 4G cellphone signal booster at home without expensive best top ten booster/amplifier devices like Weboost, T-Mobile, Wilson, Verizon, HiBoost, Cel-Fi Go X, SureCall, Nextivity.

This home-brew signal booster is compatible for all GSM band including 2G / 3G / 4G / Edge / GPRS / HSDPA / WiFi because it is a kind of wideband amplifier. I give you a guarantee of 99% this device is working and improve signal consistently without going down far from a full signal. The best achievement consistency 99.9% at 4 to 5 bars (where 5 is maximum).

With a combination of good antennae like the Yagi directional and Biquad directional antennas, it will improve the reception range further although I couldn't measure it but at least a significant distance that can be used by most devices.

Just for your information my room located at the back blocked by the front side and trees surrounding and far from the cell tower. Even in the room alone at this time, I haven't use any antenna in particular although I know the Chinese are selling the Yagi and Biquad antenna very cheap but not needed as the signal is pretty good and consistent. The average signal in the room without any amplification would fluctuate within 2 to 4 Mbps with maximum 3 signal bars - at this speed internet speed experience not very pleasant and will buffer a lot when running youtube videos. Even heavy website like, are difficult to browse.

Not only the proudest achievement but the most important thing is the booster works with 200% expectation - and I can browse YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram on par with the people who subscribe to high optic fiber cable. In fact, is working smoothly running on high definition resolutions.


  1. Thats good.
    So will you post the components, assembly procedure and circuit diagrams. How to make it ?

    1. Oneday when i am free i might take the time to make the diagrams and show all the component in used

    2. Sir please give the circuit diagram and components list for that I really need this

    3. Hi hemant thanks for your interest in the 4g booster and i will try my best to provide the circuit diagram for you when i am free. You will need quite a number of parts and components involved

  2. we are waiting for this day to come: that one day the specific one

  3. Sir please provide circuit daigram

  4. Please provide the diagram and full list of components

  5. please provide the circuit diagram and list of components

  6. Sir could you send the components name to my email

  7. give me link of your latest booster and schematics

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    Kindly share circuits diagram with part list