DIY Tutorial Review Projects

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Step Up 3 Volts to 3000 Volts DIY tutorial how to boost 3 volt battery to 3000 volts  317k
Most Effective Rust Cleaner Highly effective rust cleaner using household products 280k
Simple DC to AC converter How to make DC to AC converter to boost 3.7 volt to 400 volts to power up light bulb. 220k
Easy 5 volt to 5000 volt high voltage Convert PC 5 volt USB port power to 5000 volt spark 171k
Powerful DIY Stun Gun Powerful DIY homemade stun gun tutorial using 3 components to build 400,000 taser 105k
Alza gear jerk Problem with perodua alza gear jerk 67k
Powerful Synchronous Motor Microwave oven motor - generate 200 volt of power with hand crank 53k
How to open compaq presario keyboard DIY fix tutorial how to fix compaq presario 2500 keyboard 51k
How to open identify high voltage transformers Tutorial how to identify high voltage transformers using LCR mulimeter 45k
3 Volt high power bulb Using 3 volt to power up light up - good for remote area  44k
How mosquito racket / bug zapper is made Reverse engineer technology of the bug zapper / fly swatter / mosquito racket how it is made 43k
Makita drill review Review one of the best powertool drill brand (Makita)  32k
Hand crank manual juicer review Review of a cheap hand crank juicer 29k
Review Speed of Intel Celeron Review how fast is the Intel Celeron N4000 on ACER a315-32-c6se laptop 29k
Simple signal generator Early experiment of signal generator 20 Mhz using crystal oscillator 26k
Speed up mini fan speed 3x DIY circuit how to speed up mini fan speed 3x the original 24k
DIY 4G booster Homemade 4G booster just like WeBoost, T-Mobile, Verizon, and HiBoost 23k
Upgrade 4G amplifier Another upgraded version of the 4G LTE booster 4.5k
Ultimate 4G booster One of the best final version the ultimate homemade diy 4G booster circuit and CHEAP 1.9k
Remove noise LM386 audio amplifier Tutorial how to remove crackling noise from LM386 audio amplifier circuit 22k
Intel Celeron 1.6 Ghz HP review Review the performance of Intel Celeron 1.6 Ghz for HP laptop 22k
How to remove compaq presario harddisk Tutorial how to disassemble hardisk from compaq presario 2500  19k
555 Timer step voltage DC to DC converter to step up 3.7 to 12 volt DC power using 555 timer 18k
High current joule thief Joule thief circuit using 1.5 volt to power 8 volt LED bulb highly efficient 16k
DIY ejuice stirrer DIY homemade ejuice magnetic stirrer made of chinese cheap fan 14k
Kenwood KM630 mixer review Test review of Kenwood mixer (blender) KM630 900 watt m 10k
Dremel 200-5 review Test review cutting metal using Dremel 200-5 showcase 9.8k
Bird poops scratch cleaner cheapest homemade diy car scratch cleaner and bird poops using household product 9.7k
UNI-T UT603 LCR multimeter review Review the uni-t ut603 lcr multimeter to measure inductance, capacitance and resistance 8.1k
make blinking LED using relay How the relay works to make blinking flash LED 8.1k
homemade FM radio Simple FM radio circuit less than 15 components to make on breadboard 7.3k
Doorbell circuit Make doorbell circuit simple on breadboard 7.2k
Powerful joule thief 24 LED Powerful Joule thief circuit to power 24 LEDs using 1.5 volt battery 6.7k
Step by step how to make blinking LED and siren Step by step guide how to make flashing LED lights and siren 6.3k
Diode rectifier How to generate power from motor turning both direction using diode rectifier 6.3k
Cellphone signal detector Signal high frequency signal using simple circuit 5.1k

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