Sunday, March 31, 2019

How to make simple powerful (high voltage) taser (stun gun) - DIY

Using very cheap and little components (high voltage transformer + 18650 battery holder + 2 plug pin) you can make a very powerful stun gun (taser) for self-defense. All the material combined is less than $10 USD to buy them all. The high voltage transformer claimed to generate around 400,000 volts from 3.7 battery - although this might not be exactly true the transformer is quite powerful indeed. The spark/arc generate very loud clapping sound which can shock someone painfully.

This is a really easy project and using common materials that you can find in the electronic shop except for the high voltage generator which you need to buy from eBay. However please be reminded the device can hurt someone really bad - so don't use it on anyone for playing.

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  1. Thank you for this tutorial and for stepping out to do this thing I have all the components on eBay for about £13.36

    1. I think your price you get is quite expensive...the last time i purchase the high voltage transformer cost around £1 in your currency

  2. Actually those chinese boost circuits in those things will likely just piss the attacker off. Wont drop one. They are poorly engineered.

    1. If you combined into two and add more power like 9 volt ...i am sure you will scare the hell out of it....never underestimate China hahaha that is only 4 Volt the snap sound already you can feel the pain.

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