Sunday, March 24, 2019

Perodua Alza remote control key battery

Just for reference - perodua alza remote control key battery using 2 pieces of CR2016 3V coin/palette battery. The original battery that comes with the remote control itself is made by Hitachi Maxell, Ltd. Japan and lasted more than 5 years until it is dead.

Fake unoriginal battery lasted less than a year and it's already quite weak that may cause the press button of the remote control to fail due to excessive force to press it.

Now trying to use CR2016 cell battery from Energizer hoping that it would last at least a couple of years

How to open the alza / myvi / viva / kancil, bezza all perodua car remote control key is easy. Just thumbnail to force peel the casing and it's done as shown below.

Cara membuka kunci remote control perodua alza, myvi, kancil, bezza, viva | How to open perodua alza, bezza, myvi, kancil, bezza, viva remote control key casing

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