Energy Harvesting

Energy harvesting is the realistic and practical research by many research companies to power up small devices such as remote control, watches, calculators, and many more so that we don't have to use a battery which is not environmentally friendly.

The usage of energy harvesting power also allows devices to last for many years and operate without any battery anywhere. The source of energy harvesting 

1. Deem light - deem sunlight during nightfall as well as a household light 
2. Minor heat - heat from om electrical appliance or the sunlight
3. RF wave - WiFi, satellite, radio wave, etc

Unlike free energy - that people show on YouTube there are completely 101% fake and unpractical at for now. Those that you see on YouTube are fake free energy with all sort of tricks such as a hidden battery or edited video that looks like real free energy.

So to prove the practical potential of the energy harvesting I have experimented using body outer cable insulator energy, and also dead battery.

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