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troubleshoot sound problems on windows 10 with boot camp, no longer hear sound through headset or internal speaker or external speakers, outdated or corrupted sound drivers and other software, resolution to windows on macbook no sound, boot camp support not working on windows xp or windows vista, boot camp 4.0 does not support these windows, reboot mac, repair boot camp drivers, fix macbook no sound on windows, reinstall boot camp, macbook windows no sound windows 10, cirrus audio driver windows 10 mac, apple audio drivers for windows 10 download, bootcamp audio drivers, windows 11 bootcamp no sound, macbook pro sound driver for windows 10, reinstall audio driver mac, bootcamp no audio, macbook pro sound not working in windows 10, realtek audio driver for windows 10 64 bit macbook pro, no audio output device is installed windows 10 macbook pro, macbook pro windows 11 sound driver One of the most frustrating part of installing windows 10 64 bits on the MacBook Pro Early 2011 is the sound driver problem. Unlike most of the MacBook Pro the bootcamp driver usually solved the sound easily but not this one. MacBook Pro 2011 other drivers i.e. trackpad, keyboard, graphic can easily be copied from the bootcamp in the mac os. However for the sound there is no way to detect the hardware without some hacking to do. Fortunately thanks to this forum that solve the problem: to modify the DSDT file just follow each of the step and you will get there The original sound driver for MacBook Pro Early 2011 is Cirrus Logic CS4206B (AB 28) which you can find it from the bootcamp or from cirrus logic website itself. But after it is installed nothing will happen. Only when the hacked is done to the DSDT file then the driver will magically appear. MacBook Pro (13-inch, Early 2011) Model Identifier: MacBookPro8,1 Part Numbers: MC724xx/A, MC700xx/A ------------------------------------------------------ macbook pro 2011 windows drivers macbook pro 2011 windows 10 no sound macbook pro 2011 windows 10 audio driver macbook pro 2011 windows 10 audio not working macbook pro 2011 windows 10 sound problem macbook pro audio driver for windows 10 cirrus audio driver windows 10 macbook pro bootcamp windows 10 realtek audio bootcamp audio drivers windows 10 macbook pro mid 2012 windows 10 audio driver bootcamp drivers windows 10 bootcamp audio driver windows 10 cirrus logic drivers windows 10 bootcamp no sound on mac book pro windows 10 audio not working on windows 10 installed on imac no audio working on windows 10 macbook pro early 2011 no sound in windows 10 using boot camp how to get sound working on bootcamp windows 10

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