Thursday, September 13, 2018

Car Aeropak Mr.DIY Product Review

Quite cheap car products from Mr.DIY that tempted me to try them how good they are - the brand name is called Aeropak and it comes in many varieties of different types and functionality. So I just might try them who knows it is good since it is not expensive anyway.

Aeropak Grease Spray - Cost around RM6.50 for 4.4 oz volume, I would say this is a very effective product to fix squicking bolts or joints. I have tested this on the gates roller wheel and the effect lasts much longer than lubricant oil. And tested on the car door squicking arm and it fixed the noise. The best and most affordable you can find highly recommended stuff.

Aeropak Bug and Tar cleaner - Cost around RM9.90, not very effective for removing tar and bugs stain compare to the WAXCO scratch remover. However, the Aeropak can remove black grease stain very effectively and as you can see the result below on the car battery terminal. By just spraying without wiping it cleans all the black greasy dirt and it works on some part of the engine as well to remove rat poos. So not for tar or bugs but it works on black grease stains. The only advantage of this is using spray with little straw so it can penetrate smaller gaps and it really works.

Aeropak Cleaning Wax - Cost around RM9.90, the performance is average perhaps because I was using hands to apply it. It could be much better to apply it using the polisher machine. So Perhaps not going to buy it in future since this is just the average product and due to the spray methods, it can finish faster than using paste. So the price is quite expensive in comparison to using paste wax.

WAXCO metallic-color scratch remover - Cost around RM10.90, this is highly recommended product despite it is bottle it actually comes in the form of a paste so it takes a little bit of effort to push it out of the bottle. But anyway it works great to remove tar (asphalt) as well as minor scratches. It also good to wax the car using it better than Aeropak cleaning wax + Aeropak bugs and tar cleaner combined. The result below is the living proof how the WAXCO scratch remover is the best and cheap stuff

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