Thursday, September 13, 2018

Fix Perodua Alza AirCond Cooling Coil Leak Service in Kuching Cheap and The Best Workshop

After nearly 8 years of no services on the Air conditioner cooling coil - finally it is leaked. The sign of this can be known when the air conditioner is not cold and refilling the gas only can last for a month or so. I have refilled them 3 times in 3 months time span - and when the gas is finished not only it blows normal air but there is some sense of bad smell coming out of the ventilation hole. So it is not pleasant to have a leak aircond cooling coil.

Have visited few air cond fix workshop around including tat soon at Kenyalang and One at Satok and another Precision Air Cond along the Ellis road. These workshop either giving a longer time to fix like 1 or 2 days or the price is quite expensive around RM700++ to RM800++ or they have less experience changing the Alza air cond cooling coil before. Perodua service center will fix this with no less than RM1000 or around RM1500.

However there is one shopped with 5 star rating on Google - called fun tat air cond works near the petronas 7th mile kota sentosa. The reviews shows people are happy with their worker attitude and also the work done for their car aircond fix. So i went there to check it out.

On site of the shop after discussing with the technician they offered RM600 replacement of the cooling coil (original alza) including workmanship. Considering the price is way much cheaper than the rest so i decided to have it replace in this workshop.

And no doubt the worker and the owner of the workshop is really experience in their air cond work and they can do this around 3 to 4 hours. The coil was leaked on the finn hive after testing by submerging in the water - and the boss said this was the caused of the foul smell coming out from the ventilator after the gas is dried.

Their work to remove the dashboard and everything was neat and meticulous - I was happy with all the works. The best you can find in Kuching and most affordable price with the least number of hours to complete the task.

Upon completion the workshop owner also provide 1 year warranty to the air cond coil and if anything happens can just go the shop for check up again. This is trully an honest place to have car air cond fix and you can have 99.9% confidence in their service and work. 5 stars for Fun Tat Air Cond works.

Note: Replacing the Alza air cond cooling coil is no easy task - it requires removing the dashboard and all sort of things like opening the steering. Mistakes could happen easily and a failed technician may caused certain thing not functioning such as the speedometer gauge, lighting, screws, etc. So do not go to a workshop without experience to fix air alza air cond cooling coil. Click on the image below and witness it yourself how tough it can be and inexperience workshop could easily make mistakes and ruin your car

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