Thursday, September 13, 2018

How to GAP Alza Wiper from Mr.DIY review

Cheap GAP Alza wiper cost RM15 from Mr.DIY comes in a pair of 24 inch and 17" inch. Don't be mistaken the length of the two windscreen wiper is not the same for both where one is longer and the other is shorter. It looks very soft but it is usable - the performance is not as bad as the expensive branded wiper you can find out there. I give it 8 out of 10 and it wiped of rain drops just like the rest - i am not sure how long it will last but since it is cheap so that is not so much of a concern for now.

How To Install Wiper

Step 1:

The old original wiper comes with a clip - so just flip over the wiper then press the clip and remove the wiper from the hook. See picture below

Step 2:

To install the GAP wiper - just open the buckle of the wiper and slip in the hook. Note that there are no hook and you must slip it in until snugged fit into the hook usually comes with the click sound. One it is done that's it.

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