Friday, March 29, 2019

How to make Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) printer

What is Continuous Supply Ink System (CISS?) Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) is a custom made printer system that uses Ink Tank reservoir to supply the ink to the cartridge when printing. This system was introduced to reduce expensive printing cost significantly. 

The Benefit of using Continuous Ink Supply System
  1. It saves 95% of printing cost 
  2. No more changing expensive cartridge too frequently 
  3. No worries of ink running out as you can see the tank ink level 
  4. CISS Ink are way much cheaper 
  5. No more difficult refilling job. 
Disadvantage of Using CISS
  1. Difficult to maintain air pressure overtime due to room temperature changes 
  2. Some low quality ink are smudges all over the paper 
  3. Not all printers are easy to install and maintain 
Despite of the disadvantages above many people are still willing to take the risk to use CISS because the economic benefits simply outweigh the losses by far. People who are determine to save cost, nothing is impossible for them to maintain the CISS to work at all time.

What are the materials required to make CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System)

1. Choose printer which are easy to install and maintain - Read...
2. You will need a complete set of CISS components and installation tool
  • Empty Cartridge
  • CISS Tank Reservoir with host pipe
  • Elbow pipe
  • CISS pipe casing / Elbow ring
  • Pipe holder / clincher
  • Drill bit 3.6mm
  • Syringe – optional but convenient to refill CISS tank
  • Cartridge priming tool (sucker) – optional but necessary to maintain the CISS

Note: There are some additional components such as rubber seal for HP cartridge and Chip Re-setter for Epson printer. You can buy the complete package from eBay and make sure all the components you need are in place. To things easier you can purchase pre-made CISS system that is ready to be installed on your printer.

The cartridge priming tool (sucker) is usually sold separately from the CISS package and it cost around $3 to $6 each from China printer online store. This is a must have tool to keep for using CISS to fix the ink flow when the air pressure becomes unstable.

How to make CISS from scratch

1. Get all the materials in place
2. Drill the cartridge refill hole using the 3.6mm drill bit
3. Insert the CISS pipe casing / Elbow ring into the drilled hole

How to install CISS to a printer

1. Fill in the tank reservoir 90% of the tank volume.
2. Once done place the tank reservoir on the table at least 1-2 meter above the ground
3. Allow the ink to flow out into the pipe and block it when nearly goes out.
4. Bend / curl the pipe up to content the ink inside the pipe and prevent it to flow out
5. Once the pressure looks stable insert the elbow pipe into cartridge drilled hole
6. Then place the cartridge into the printer cartridge compartment
7. Make sure that the pipe is has enough length to travel back forth (left and right)
8. Stick the pipe holder / clincher in the appropriate place of the printer preferable in the middle where the cartridge travel back and forth
9. Place the Ink Tank reservoir level with the printer – do not put higher or lower
10. Test the printing if the ink does not flow, use the cartridge priming tool to suck out the ink from the cartridge nozzle. It will force out the ink to flow from the ink tank reservoir.


1. Filling 90% tank is to allow air pressure to fill in the empty space of the tank
2. Putting in high places is to get the gravity to pull out the ink and give it natural pressure
3. Curling the pipe is to allow pressure to fill in the pipe and stay inside the pipe
4. Enough pipe length to travel back and forth is because the cartridge swing left and right when printing
5. Putting the pipe holder / clincher in the middle of the cartridge travelling path is to provide same length between left and right of the cartridge travelling destination when printing.

How to test if CISS is working – get the tips here Read…


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  2. Hi, I is drilling safe? wont it contaminate the ink?

    1. Yes sure it's safe - the ink that goes into the cartridge is filtered by the sponge so all the drilling debris will stay inside and won't print out with the ink

    2. But of course try to minimize debris going into the cartridge as much as possible if you can just to avoid the unnecessary hassle

  3. Read also How to maintain air pressure in ciss printer this is one of the basic skill you need to learn in order to maintain the CISS printer overtime when the ink not flowing smoothly from the ink tank reservoir to the cartridge.

    Note the weather of hot and cold could disrupt the ink flow due to temperature.