Friday, March 29, 2019

How to maintain or increase air pressure in CISS printer system?

Installing the CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) onto the printer is easy. However to make it work properly can be extremely annoying if the CISS is not working as you wish. You maybe finding few problems such as:
  1. All ink do not flow from the CISS tank into the cartridge
  2. One or two of the ink do not flow
In this blog i am going to show you how to maintain or increase  air pressure inside the piping host and make sure the ink flow properly into from the CISS tank into the cartridge. This is a trick by experience.

Step 1: You need scrap papers for you to print. Take several may be 10 or more.

Step 2: Take take color image consist of CYMK color. Printing using all the color assumed that all the color ink is not flowing properly into the cartridge.

Step 3: Print several time both back and front page to save the scrap paper. Make sure you set the printing page to full page print to increase the propensity for the cartridge to suck in the ink.

After you have printed 10 pages and still the ink does not come back to normal state. Don't worry about it, just leave it for few hours later. And then come back to repeat the same printing step again eventually the ink will be stabilize normally.

This trick work well on HP C4580 (All in one printer) with CISS installed on it.

Note: If only one or two of the ink does not flow properly get the specific color image based on the ink that is not flowing properly i.e. black, yellow, blue, or cyan.

To make your job easier purchase the Cartridge priming tool or sucker to force the ink to flow out from the Ink tank reservoir to the cartridge. This is a must have cartridge tool you need to keep in order to maintain the CISS Ink Flow whenever the air pressure inside the pipe becomes unstable.

The priming tool is sold mostly by China's online printer sellers and it cost around $3 to $6 each. When buying the priming tools make sure it matches the cartridge model otherwise it is not fit to your cartridge. Example below is Cartridge Priming Tool for HP 57, 58, and 75.
The change of temperatures overtime disturb the air pressure level in the CISS pipe and Ink tank reservoir. Thus it will develop air bubble inside the pipe and prevent the ink to flow smoothly. When this happens, you will need to do some maintenance job to fix the ink flow. Follow the basic instruction below how to use cartridge priming tool.
  1. Take out the cartridge from the printer compartment
  2. Put the cartridge on the priming tool
  3. Get a syringe and suck the ink out - it will force the ink from the reservoir to flow into the cartridge
  4. Clean the cartridge nozzle to remove the excess spill
  5. Put back the cartridge into the printer
  6. Do print test few times to clean the nozzle until the print output look clean and fine.

Note: Sucking the ink out using priming tool also remove the excess air inside the pipe and cartridge.


  1. Wow! I have this exact problem and the same printer! I hope this help!!

  2. The CYMK color method worked for me! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!

  3. IT WORKED!!! :) thanks so much!

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