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Sunday, March 31, 2019

How to make simple powerful (high voltage) taser (stun gun) - DIY

Using very cheap and little components (high voltage transformer + 18650 battery holder + 2 plug pin) you can make a very powerful stun gun (taser) for self-defense. All the material combined is less than $10 USD to buy them all. The high voltage transformer claimed to generate around 400,000 volts from 3.7 battery - although this might not be exactly true the transformer is quite powerful indeed. The spark/arc generate very loud clapping sound which can shock someone painfully.

This is a really easy project and using common materials that you can find in the electronic shop except for the high voltage generator which you need to buy from eBay. However please be reminded the device can hurt someone really bad - so don't use it on anyone for playing.

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Friday, March 29, 2019

How to maintain or increase air pressure in CISS printer system?

Installing the CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) onto the printer is easy. However to make it work properly can be extremely annoying if the CISS is not working as you wish. You maybe finding few problems such as:
  1. All ink do not flow from the CISS tank into the cartridge
  2. One or two of the ink do not flow
In this blog i am going to show you how to maintain or increase  air pressure inside the piping host and make sure the ink flow properly into from the CISS tank into the cartridge. This is a trick by experience.

Step 1: You need scrap papers for you to print. Take several may be 10 or more.

Step 2: Take take color image consist of CYMK color. Printing using all the color assumed that all the color ink is not flowing properly into the cartridge.

Step 3: Print several time both back and front page to save the scrap paper. Make sure you set the printing page to full page print to increase the propensity for the cartridge to suck in the ink.

After you have printed 10 pages and still the ink does not come back to normal state. Don't worry about it, just leave it for few hours later. And then come back to repeat the same printing step again eventually the ink will be stabilize normally.

This trick work well on HP C4580 (All in one printer) with CISS installed on it.

Note: If only one or two of the ink does not flow properly get the specific color image based on the ink that is not flowing properly i.e. black, yellow, blue, or cyan.

To make your job easier purchase the Cartridge priming tool or sucker to force the ink to flow out from the Ink tank reservoir to the cartridge. This is a must have cartridge tool you need to keep in order to maintain the CISS Ink Flow whenever the air pressure inside the pipe becomes unstable.

The priming tool is sold mostly by China's online printer sellers and it cost around $3 to $6 each. When buying the priming tools make sure it matches the cartridge model otherwise it is not fit to your cartridge. Example below is Cartridge Priming Tool for HP 57, 58, and 75.
The change of temperatures overtime disturb the air pressure level in the CISS pipe and Ink tank reservoir. Thus it will develop air bubble inside the pipe and prevent the ink to flow smoothly. When this happens, you will need to do some maintenance job to fix the ink flow. Follow the basic instruction below how to use cartridge priming tool.
  1. Take out the cartridge from the printer compartment
  2. Put the cartridge on the priming tool
  3. Get a syringe and suck the ink out - it will force the ink from the reservoir to flow into the cartridge
  4. Clean the cartridge nozzle to remove the excess spill
  5. Put back the cartridge into the printer
  6. Do print test few times to clean the nozzle until the print output look clean and fine.

Note: Sucking the ink out using priming tool also remove the excess air inside the pipe and cartridge.

What is the best printer brand/model for CISS - Canon Pixma

Even though there are many how to demonstration to install continuous ink supply system (CISS) on any kind of printers brands and model on the internet. Actually the fact is not all will work 100% as expected due to some complicated circumstances from the printers. Example of complication issue.

1. Epson printers usually require chip re-setters. This is because Epson uses technology that detect the ink level and automatically prevent it from printing when the ink level is empty in its cartridge. If using the CISS will not increase the ink cartridge level because it directly flow from the ink tank reservoir, so the Epson require chip re-setter to prevent the printer from detecting the cartridge ink is low. And yet again not all chip re-setters will work perfectly either.

2. Printer's built structure - Due to complicated internal structure built of the printer making it difficult to place the CISS host piping to reach the cartridge. As a result the CISS ink will not flow smoothly from the ink tank reservoir to the cartridge. This is apply to printers like HP, Epson, Canon (Office printers), etc.

3. Cartridge built and ink - Not all cartridge is suitable to be modified for use in CISS and some ink like HP printers will solidified when mix with CISS ink. This making it difficult for the ink to flow out of the cartridge when it dry at the cartridge print head nozzle.

4. Other unknown complication also may contribute to the failure to install the CISS to printers.

So what is the best printers that work good with Continuous Supply Ink System (CISS)?

I have seen these in most of IT Stores and personally i have purchased some of these printers as well for my clients. These are the printer models that you can install CISS easily without so much complication involve.

Canon PIXMA MP145, MP150, MP198, MP258, MP250, MP238, MP198.

Despite of the different model name these Canon PIXMA printers are identical in its structural built and the cartridge can be easily modified even by novice home users. The cartridge ink also has no complication with the CISS ink and will not solidified if mix together. All these traits making these Canon printers sold the most in local IT store even until today and in fact sometimes out of stocks.

Cleaning York Air conditioner DIY

I never clean the air conditioner before but today I've tried it myself and learned quite a few thing about the York Air conditioner. Usually I used to call contractor to clean the air conditioner and pay around RM80 for the service including refilling the gas.

After some reading on the web and also one comment from the contractor that the air conditioner is not necessary to refill the gas too frequently. It's because the air conditioner has a mechanism that use a temperature difference to operate. As long as the mechanism work it does not need the gas to be refilled all the time maybe once in a year is okay.

Anyway i am not going too detail about this because i don't really know exactly how it works but from this experience i learned that cleaning the air conditioner yourself can be better than the contractor does. Usually the contractor just clean in outer such as the heat sink fin and also the filters which is fine. But there is one more most important thing that I never realized is the fan too need cleaning - until I checked and open it how dirty it is after years of using without service. The dirt become harden and  tough to remove.

The air conditioner fan is made from plastic arranged in cylinder. So over time it will contracted with dirt around the fan. As the dirt accumulate over time it create uneven hole along the arrangement of the small fan and that can cause the fan to produce noise. Watch this video

So in this cleaning process I used the following

1. Bucket of water (Small pale)
2. Cloth
3. Toothbrush
4. Philip screwdriver

Safety Gear

1. Safety glass
2. Mouth cover

Step 1: Open and remove the front filter cover by flipping it up and pull the hook holder. I was very careful in pulling the hook one by one since it is quite soft and fragile. After that remove the air filter and wash it with water. Apart from that I cleaned the heat sink fin as well using wet cloth and toothbrush to remove stuck dirt on the fin.

Step 2: Once that is done - using Philip screwdriver to remove the body cover screws. Then unseat the 3 clips at the top that hold the cover. Then remove the body cover. I guess that is all i need to do because anything more than that seems to be quite complicated. One more thing is to remove the air flow swing so that i can reach the fan inside. Another part that I have to be careful with because the swing flap is quite soft.

Step 3: Then use safety glass and mouth cover before proceeding as well as a cardboard. The cardboard is use to prevent dirt from splashing out everywhere during the cleaning process. Then take a toothbrush and wet in the water.

Step 4: Turn on the air conditioner and as the fan spin place the toothbrush on it. During this process i am using cardboard as guard to prevent the dirt splashing further distance. It's very nasty and dirty. Keep doing part by parts until eventually it looks quite cleaned. There is no way to make it 100% clean and the dirt are inside the fan cylinder cannot be reached by the toothbrush. But that is fine as long as the outer part is cleaned.

Step 5: Once it is cleaned put everything back in place.

After completed cleaning everything i come to realize it isn't so difficult to clean the air conditioner. It's just take my time and a little bit of effort. In fact I have cleaned the fan which the contractor never did before.

York Air Conditioner Yellow/Orange Light Blinking Problem

READ: York Airconditioner Green and Yellow LED blinking at the same time

It's really easy to conclude something wrong without even trying to check or try something to solve a problem. This is what happened to my York Air Conditioner with the yellow/orange light blinking which i thought it was faulty. Most people are complaining about the yellow light after trying to press some buttons on the remote control without trying to check the air conditioner itself. Some others are suggesting to clear the timer using the cancel timer button or press it for a few seconds to stop the yellow light. While there is also a suggestion to remove the battery from the remote control and put back before turning it on again. Probably it may work for some people I don't really know.

As for my case, this is definitely none of the remote control problems and I am not willing to spend money to fix a blinking yellow light like that and living in a room that facing the sunlight every day is really a pain in the ass. Every night the heat emanating from walls where the sunlight heated up every day and without the bubble wrap insulator it could easily heat up to 40 degrees Celsius during the hot day. This forced me to look into the problem myself and after all, it wasn't as bad as I thought. In fact, there was no difficult fix or complicated situation to get the green light turned on and get back the fan to cool mode again.

So this is what I did:

1. Open Up air conditioner cover again as I did on the "Cleaning York Air Conditioner" post.

2. Shake a little bit of the black wires/cable as shown here

how to fix york aircond noise

3. Tried to turn on the air conditioner on and off to test whether the Yellow light still coming up.

4. Then turn off completely the main switch

why york aircond make noise

5. Put back in all the covers and turn on the Air Conditioner.

6. The green light comes back and it started to cool down as it uses to be.

The problem could be the Sensor cable or whatever it is not functioning properly or maybe it kept the memory of the timer. So by shaking up some of the wires especially the black cable and turn it off by removing the plug from the wall socket simply help to recover it. You can try this before calling the technician someday.

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How to make Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) printer

What is Continuous Supply Ink System (CISS?) Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) is a custom made printer system that uses Ink Tank reservoir to supply the ink to the cartridge when printing. This system was introduced to reduce expensive printing cost significantly. 

The Benefit of using Continuous Ink Supply System
  1. It saves 95% of printing cost 
  2. No more changing expensive cartridge too frequently 
  3. No worries of ink running out as you can see the tank ink level 
  4. CISS Ink are way much cheaper 
  5. No more difficult refilling job. 
Disadvantage of Using CISS
  1. Difficult to maintain air pressure overtime due to room temperature changes 
  2. Some low quality ink are smudges all over the paper 
  3. Not all printers are easy to install and maintain 
Despite of the disadvantages above many people are still willing to take the risk to use CISS because the economic benefits simply outweigh the losses by far. People who are determine to save cost, nothing is impossible for them to maintain the CISS to work at all time.

What are the materials required to make CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System)

1. Choose printer which are easy to install and maintain - Read...
2. You will need a complete set of CISS components and installation tool
  • Empty Cartridge
  • CISS Tank Reservoir with host pipe
  • Elbow pipe
  • CISS pipe casing / Elbow ring
  • Pipe holder / clincher
  • Drill bit 3.6mm
  • Syringe – optional but convenient to refill CISS tank
  • Cartridge priming tool (sucker) – optional but necessary to maintain the CISS

Note: There are some additional components such as rubber seal for HP cartridge and Chip Re-setter for Epson printer. You can buy the complete package from eBay and make sure all the components you need are in place. To things easier you can purchase pre-made CISS system that is ready to be installed on your printer.

The cartridge priming tool (sucker) is usually sold separately from the CISS package and it cost around $3 to $6 each from China printer online store. This is a must have tool to keep for using CISS to fix the ink flow when the air pressure becomes unstable.

How to make CISS from scratch

1. Get all the materials in place
2. Drill the cartridge refill hole using the 3.6mm drill bit
3. Insert the CISS pipe casing / Elbow ring into the drilled hole

How to install CISS to a printer

1. Fill in the tank reservoir 90% of the tank volume.
2. Once done place the tank reservoir on the table at least 1-2 meter above the ground
3. Allow the ink to flow out into the pipe and block it when nearly goes out.
4. Bend / curl the pipe up to content the ink inside the pipe and prevent it to flow out
5. Once the pressure looks stable insert the elbow pipe into cartridge drilled hole
6. Then place the cartridge into the printer cartridge compartment
7. Make sure that the pipe is has enough length to travel back forth (left and right)
8. Stick the pipe holder / clincher in the appropriate place of the printer preferable in the middle where the cartridge travel back and forth
9. Place the Ink Tank reservoir level with the printer – do not put higher or lower
10. Test the printing if the ink does not flow, use the cartridge priming tool to suck out the ink from the cartridge nozzle. It will force out the ink to flow from the ink tank reservoir.


1. Filling 90% tank is to allow air pressure to fill in the empty space of the tank
2. Putting in high places is to get the gravity to pull out the ink and give it natural pressure
3. Curling the pipe is to allow pressure to fill in the pipe and stay inside the pipe
4. Enough pipe length to travel back and forth is because the cartridge swing left and right when printing
5. Putting the pipe holder / clincher in the middle of the cartridge travelling path is to provide same length between left and right of the cartridge travelling destination when printing.

How to test if CISS is working – get the tips here Read…

Why the CISS ink not flowing into the cartridge - sponge cartridge problem

I am going to share a trick, how to make the ink flow from the ink tank reservoir into the cartridge smoothly for Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS). This trick only apply to sponge type cartridge, where it uses sponge inside the cartridge to hold ink. Color printers made by Canon and HP usually use sponge type cartridges.

I am using HP Photosmart C4580 All-In-One printer which can print, scan, and photocopy. Sometimes ago i have installed CISS system on it to save money printing at home especially for normal documents. And indeed the CISS is really save a lot of money because it can print and photocopy thousands of documents without worry running out of ink. And never think of buying new cartridges all the time which cost around RM57 (tri-color) and RM52 (black).when you can fill in the tank reservoir 100ml each for RM10 only.

The first time installing the CISS was very frustrating experience, keep trying one after another the ink still not flowing from the tank reservoir to the cartridge. However after repeated try and error, at last i found the solution to the problem.

Note that the cartridge is using sponge, and if you don't push the sponge deeper it will always come up and block the host opening where the ink suppose to flow into the cartridge. The sponge also prevent the cartridge to have space vacuum to store air needed to hold the ink to flow in. So what you should do is take a piece of metal or long-enough object that can fit in the refill hole to push the sponge away from the hole.

This will keep away the sponge from blocking the CISS ink to flow in. And also it store vacuum inside the cartridge that contains enough pressure to hold the ink from going backward to the tank reservoir.

Also make sure the other two extra hold in the middle is sealed either by rubber sealer that comes with the CISS kit you purchased. Or you can use silicon gun to permanently seal it. If these two holes are not sealed, they allow air to escape from the cartridge thus no air pressure to hold the ink to flow in. And without air pressure the ink will reverse back to the ink tank reservoir.

Cheapest and most effective way to clean car scratches (Not removing scratches)

There are quite a number of spot of scratches which i think for a long long time how to remove them. I've tried fix it pro before and it was cheap but unfortunately it's fake - i meant not the real fix it pro that they show on TV. Apart from that i also consider other way such as Meguiar's wax, Meguiar's Scratch X 2.0, Soft99, Tripplewax Metallic,  Autosol metal polish, etc to remove the scratches but they are way too expensive to get.

Until today i tried the unexpected household product (toothpaste) which i never thought of before. So i get the cheapest toothpaste (Pepsodent brand 190 gram) from the store cost around RM2.99 to try.

In this case i am going to clean the scratches NOT removing them because to remove it require special paint and skill to apply it right otherwise it becomes worst than it originally looks. Besides what make the scratches very obvious is because of the dirt penetrate within the scratches. Some of the scratches are not even scratches but stubborn oxidized chemical dirt that is difficult to remove using detergent or water.

READ THE CHEAPEST scratch, bird poops, and tar stain cleaner

So this what i have done.

Step 1: Use any cloth preferably micro fiber because of it's soft and smooth structure to apply the toothpaste effectively. Soak in the water and squeeze to remove the excess water - not using wet cloth but a damn cloth since dry cloth tend apply more scratches if there are debris of sands or dirt on the cloth.

Step 2: Apply enough amount of toothpaste on the scratches - this is preference wise as long as you think is enough. Apply more when the scratches dirt still visible. 

Step 3: Swipe the cloth back and forth follow the direction of the scratches until it is eventually disappear. Some stubborn dirt are more difficult to remove apply a little of hand pressure while swiping and apply more toothpaste if necessary. 

Step 4: Once it is completely cleaned just wash away with water - looking closely you might still notice there are line of scratches but it is no longer visible from afar after the dirt is cleaned. The pictures below shows how terrible the scratches were and how cleaned looks after washed off using toothpaste.

So before buying expensive car wax next time think about your toothpaste. You can try it - nothing to loose other than your time and effort and a little amount of toothpaste. Cheers!

This is one of the cheapest toothpaste I've got but it work brilliantly compare to those expensive fancy brand car wax and polish or whatever scratch remover out there.

Look how bad the scratches are and metal dirt on the spotlight - it has been there nearly a year without anything can remove it. I was thinking to send it to the workshop for fixes but considering it might be expensive always stop me from doing so. The toothpaste really save my money.

Another terrible dented part on the front windscreen with metal dirt and rusted. After scrubbing it off with toothpaste even the metal itself revealed it's true color and most of the dirt are gone for good.

This is the first time application of the toothpaste and it works - that's how everything move on from this point onward. That is a mixture scratches and metal oxidized dirt. It took me few minutes to scrub it off but it well worth it after completely cleaned

Scratches around the car door knob - i know that every car must have this scratches and it's inevitable. Mark of scratches becomes obvious when dirt penetrate in it but this the easiest to clean as the scratches are shallow and only contracted minor dirt. It takes effortlessly like cleaning your plate after eating using the toothpaste

Another serious bad scratches - by the look at first i thought it will only remove a little bit but after keep trying it's turned out to be perfectly cleaned using a toothpaste. That's super effective.

Another terrible dented area with oxidized dirt and deep scratches. Notice again not only it cleaned the dirt but also the metal itself as you can see the color a little shined.

This one is okay and can be removed normally

Thursday, March 28, 2019

How to increase 4G internet speed on Android smart phone

One of the most interesting software that I've just download recently from the Google Play store and it's completely free to use. It is called Connection Stabilizer Booster - you can just type the keywords on Google Play Store it should just pop up in the list to download for free.

After using it almost a week I think there is some improvement on my 4G DiGi internet connection speed although you can't barely see it but there is a consistent sign of internet broad becomes faster when the Connection Stabilizer Booster is turned on.

How to use it is very easy just tap on Keep Alive and select Mobile Data if you want it to work on 4G mobile signal or WiFi for wireless internet connection. See the screenshot below. As long as Keep Alive is turned on the software will automatically refresh and switch connection either Mobile Data or WiFi depending on which connection is your smart phone connected to.

The idea of the Connection Stabilizer Booster is to force refresh the connection so that the internet connection will force itself onto the phone connection making it faster to work.

It is currently available for Android smart phone and i couldn't find any in Apple store yet for iPhone version. So anyway if you are using android you could try it - there is nothing too loose only and it's free.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Cheap Chunghop K-1028E a/c (air conditioner) universal remote control 1000 in 1 (York replacement remote)

Very cheap and the best Chunghop York air conditioner remote control replacement. It cost only RM 15 from Mr.DIY shop and it says can work for almost all air conditioner brand out there. The setting is very simple and easy.

1. Press Set button
2. Use the Temp button to adjust the code in my case York Air conditioner = 774. If the code is correct the Air Conditioner unit will respond either Turned On or Turned Off with the beep sound.
3. Press OK button - now the remote is ready for use. See images below

Note: Sometimes the Chunghop remote may not working after using certain code provided by the manufacturers. It is because the manufacturers may have wrongly stated the code number in the package. Try different code because some airconditioner may use the same code in order for it work. When the right code is key in the airconditioner will automatically respond with a beep whether to turned on or off.

A/C Codes Settings:

ADC 861
AIDELONG 293-295
AITE 296-299
AKIRA 796-797
ALPIN 989-991, 998
AMCOR 501, 508, 509, 532, 973, 978, 979
AOKE 301-302
AOLI 300
AUCMA 210-229, 933
AUX 180-199
BLUE STAR 057, 550, 887
BOERKA 630, 305-306
BOSHIGAO 308-309
CARRIER 399, 690-699, 890-899
CHANGFU 835-838
CHANGHONG 059-079, 934, 947
CHIGO 080-099
CHUNLAN 170-179
CONROWA 337-341
CORONA 760-769
DAEWOO 332-333
DAIKIN 740-759
DAKE 861
DAOTIAN 821-824

DIY 044, 090, 092, 095
DONGXIA 334-335
ELCO 982
ELECTER 981-986
ELECTROLUX 471-474, 807-808, 250, 906
FEIGE 829-830
FEILU 240-249
FRESTECH 270-279, 944-945
FUJITSU 700-719
GALANZ 124-129, 134-139, 936-940
GEER 342-343
GLEE 280
GREE 000, 020-039
GUANGDA 345-346
HAIER 001-019
HICON 391-392
HISENSE 230-239
HITACHI 640-659
HUABAO 100-109
HUAKE 349-350
HUALING 150-169, 045
HUAMEI 351-352
HUIFENG 354-356, 357, 360
HYUNDAI 780-789
INYCIN 475-483
JINDA 491-492
JINSONG 363-365
KANGLI 368-370
KELONG 110-119
KONKA 366-367
KRIS 804-805
KT02_D001 283
KT02_D002 284
KTY001 285
KTY002 286
KTY003 287
KTY004 288
KTY005 289
LG 600-609
LIKEAIR 386-387
LOREN-SEBO 801-803
MCQUAY 790-795
MEILING 388-391
MIDEA 040-058
NIKKO 810-811
NISO 398-399, 497
OGENERAL 659, 717, 718, 719
OLYMPUS 995-996
OPAL 997
PANDA 464-466
PUYI 862
RAYBAO 371-383
RIJIANG 395-397
ROWA 383-385
SAMSUNG 610-629
SANYONEC 500-550, 860, 943, 946
SAST 450-452
SHANXING 401-402
SHARP 720-739
SHENBAO 410-411
SHINCO 200-209
SOGO 291
SOVA 292, 420
SOWA 862-863
SOYEA 421-422
SRTC 423
SUNBURG 817-820
TADIAIR 501, 508, 509, 532
TADIRAN 501, 508, 509, 532, 630, 969, 978,979, 991
TCL 120-133
TEAC 850-859
TECO 831-834
TIANYUAN 425-428
TOBO 250-269
TONGLI 429-430
TOSHIBA 630-639
TOYO 825-828
TRANE 812-816
UNI-AIR 368-369
VIDEOCON 597, 627, 628, 629, 884
VOLTAS 056, 057, 549,598,609, 627, 628, 629
WANBAO 431-433
WEILI 434-443, 553-576
WHIRLPOOL 119, 550, 770, 774, 739
WUFENG 445-446
XILENG 448-449
XINGHE 462-463
XINLE 457-460
YAIR 467-471, 044, 013,-015
YORK 775-779
YUTU 484-490
ZONGYI 493-494
OTHER 496, 498, 821-828, 839-849, 865-877, 905-976, 999

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

How to light up 24 LEDs using 1 x AA battery 1.42 volt - The most powerful joule thief circuit

This is one of the most efficient Joule thief circuit capable of powering up 24 LEDs using a single AA battery at 1.4 volts. The components are very simple and cost less than 2 dollars to make except for the breadboard.

4 x 82uH inductors
2 x 1N4007 Diodes
1 x 5.6KOhms resistors
2 x 10nF ceramic capacitors
1 x Breadboard

The maximum voltage for the circuit is around 3 volts to 3.5 volts - anything more than that could fried the transistors. I have yet to test the minimum voltage to power up the 24 LEDs and if this can goes to the lowest minimum like 700 mV then it can be powered up using normal chemical reaction such as Vinegar, Lemon, etc.

This is the illustrated schematic - click to enlarge

After soldered on permanent circuit board - it's a small circuit as big as thumb finger.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Play PS2 and PS1 games without console - PCSX2 1.2.1 Emulator

PCSX2 software is an emulator for Playstation 2 and 1 games, it allows you to play without using the physical console. So if your PS2 or PS1 machine are faulty, you can still play it using the emulator although the performance may not be as good as the real machine. Besides Sony is not making its PS3 and PS4 console compatible with the old console games, so we can still have the chance to play them using this software.

Step 1: Installation

Download the PCSX2 software from its official website PCSX2 download. The version is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating system depending on which one you are using. Once you have download then proceed to install it on your system the step should be fairly easy just like installing other application software.

Step 2: Download the BIOS

The BIOS is a small application software just like the computer BIOS which define the system (brain) and you will need this to run it. They are 3 types of BIOS made up by regional designation i.e. Japan (Asia), USA (North America), Europe (Europe). You will have to download the appropriate BIOS based on which regions the game are made for otherwise you will not be able to play it for example USA games will not work for Japan BIOS. You may download the BIOS here

Once the BIOS is downloaded - then proceed to extract to any folder preferably in the PCSX2 installed folder as it is easier to find out later.

Another way is to extract your own PS2 or PS1 bios if you have the console. The tool is available for download in PCSX2 site together with instruction how to do it.

Step 3: Run PCSX2 

Now run the PCSX2 programs and select the appropriate "first time configuration" settings. This part can be ignore as it can be configured again later on. Click next until you see the BIOS selector - un-check the "Use Default Setting" and browse the location where the BIOS was extracted in step 2. The list will come up for you to choose which one most suitable for your games.

Step 4: Playing Games

The game can be played either by directly from the CD/DVD or using the ISO file. To play directly from the CD/DVD navigate to "Config" >> Plugin/BIOS Selector and make sure the CDVD plugin is set to cdvdGigaherz (0ll) 0.9.0 [cdvdGigaherz].

Then go to CDVD tab and select the "Plugin" Option. On the same CDVD menu select Plugin Menu>>Plugin Settings and select the CD/DVD player drive for example drive D:
Place in the your DVD games inside the drive and start to play by going to System>>Boot CD/DVD (fast).

Note: The problem playing directly from the CD or DVD is it slower as the system takes a longer route to fetch the games and it process more slower compare to hard disk based games. 
There is an option you can play the games directly from the Hard disk by setting the PCSX2 on the CDVD tab select ISO and then ISO Selector>>browse the location of the game either in ISO or BIN file. To rip the games from the CD/DVD to ISO or BIN file is fairly easy steps - just download and install the PowerISO trial version from its website and run the PowerISO.
  • In PowerISO select Tools>>Make CD/DVD/Blu-ray Image File...
  • Place in your game CD/DVD inside the drive and select .bin file
  • Choose the location of the file that is easy to locate later and click OK

After completed the game is ready to be played on PCSX2, by going to CDVD>>ISO Selector>>browse...the game location where the .bin file was created by the PowerISO

Step 5: Configuring the Game Speed

Using Intel Core i5 processor, the PCSX2 1.21 configuration doesn't need much or any adjustments. But it is required for system using Intel Core i3 and below. On the PCSX2 emulator click Config>>Emulation Settings and follow the setting as below

Using Intel Core i5 use default setting microVU Recompiler for the VU0 and VU1 settings because if setting superVU Recompiler [legacy] it will make the games abnormal speeds more like a fast forward running hamster. Only use the setting below if you are using Intel Core i3 and below

Turbo Adjust can be set higher depending on and error on the games performance behavior. Try 250% to 300% it should be alright.

Select the MTVU (M-Threaded microVU1) if you have your CPU have 3+ cores otherwise leave it unchecked if using Intel Core i3.

This setting is specific to certain games and leave it unchecked if your games is none of the listed in the specified list.

CPU Throttling (PCSX2 Game Lag)

I don't really know much about CPU throttling, but from what I've read generally it is the process of fluctuation of the CPU power usage within the max and min range due to heat. Meaning that when the CPU is operating at its maximum for sometimes it has to go down to breath, and this is important to protect the CPU and other component of the motherboard from overheating as well as safeguard its life span. By design all CPU especially Intel core i3, i5, i7 throttling is normal.

How does the CPU throttling affects your PCSX2 gaming experience? Well it's very simple when the CPU power usage reach its maximum for example 25 watts for my Intel Core i3, the game run smoothly. But not long after the power usage will drop to the minimum for example 1.25 watts, during this breathing process the game starting to get lag. Then it will be normalize again when it rise up to the maximum. It happens time after time as long as you are playing the games, during overheating it will lag constantly

CPU Throttling effect can be monitor using  HWMonitor a tiny programs made by the CPUID. Watch out for the Power package value where it fluctuates within the min and max value. At the highest value 25w maximum the game will run smoothly otherwise when it falls to the lowest minimum 1.25w the lag will occur.

How to prevent CPU Throttling

It seems there is no way to prevent CPU throttling as it is designed that way for good. How you can try to force it to work at its maximum by setting the PC power usage at the highest performance, although this is not going to stop CPU from throttling but it does help to keep the CPU to work at its maximum a little bit longer than normal settings. But there is a risk that overheating could reduce the lifespan of the CPU and other parts of the motherboard. Follow the steps below to configure the computer power  performance in Windows 7

Start>>Control Panel>>Power Options
Select High Performance>>Change Settings>>Change advanced power settings do the settings

Intel(R) Graphic Settings

  • Intel(R) Graphic Power Plan
  • On battery = Maximum Performance
  • Plugged in = Maximum Performance
Note: Only set this settings if your computer is using integrated graphic card instead of discrete graphic card
Processor power management
  • Minimum Processor state
  • On battery = 100%
  • Plugged in = 100%
  • System Cooling Policy
  • On battery = Active
  • Plugged in = Active
  • Maximum Processor state
  • On battery = 100%
  • Plugged in = 100%

Note: The maximum processor state is the most important settings in this processor power management. Setting it at 100% for both battery meaning that to force the CPU to use full power consistently.

Another way to reduce throttling effect is too cool down the CPU as much as possible especially for laptop computers where ventilation is limited and fan cooling capacity less compare to desktop computers. You could make your own ice pack cooler like this - inside are the commercial ice packs from supermarket cost around $5 each.

System Specification (Tested) and Results of PCSX2 Performance

Computer Type Dell Laptop N4030
Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
CPU Intel Core i3 380M Arrandale 2.53Ghz
Graphic Card Intel(R) HD Graphics (Integrated)
CPU Max Temperature 89 Degree Celcius
CPU Throttling (Max/Min TDP) 1.25w to 25w
Game Played Winning Eleven 2012 (PS2)

Using Winning Eleven 2012 from Playstation 2 the game play is fairly good using system with the above specification. However the throttling effect is inevitable as the temperature rise to the maximum at 85 to 89 Celsius at max TDP = 25w after a couple of minutes it will drop to 75 degree Celcius at min TDP = 1.25w where the game will terribly lags. By setting the laptop processor management rate to the highest performance (100% processor state) it helps a bit but eventually it will drop.

Overall the system above is still probably be good to play games with less movement/actions and winning eleven is still a playable game based on the tech spec.

Computer Type Dell Laptop 2420
Operating System Windows 7 Home Professional 64 bit
CPU Intel Core i5 3230M 2.6Ghz
Graphic Card NVIDIA GeForce GT 620M
CPU Max Temperature 82 Degree Celcius
CPU Throttling (Max/Min TDP) 1.25w to 35w
Game Played Winning Eleven 2012 (PS2)

Using i5 machine with 4GB the game run smoothly provided that only the PCSX2 apps is in used. The normal average temperature within 75 to 78 Degree Celsius however after few other applications are opened the game will show minor lags at 82 Degree Celsius. 

Computer Type Dell Laptop 2420
Operating System Windows 7 Home Professional 64 bit
CPU Intel Core i3 3120M 2.50 Ghz
Graphic Card Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 (Integrated)
CPU Max Temperature 82 Degree Celcius
CPU Throttling (Max/Min TDP) 1.25w to 35w
Game Played Winning Eleven 2012 (PS2)

Using Intel Core i3 with upgraded 4GB RAM does not improved much compare to the above. Sometimes the lag even a little bit worst then the first.

Perodua Alza Power Steering Jammed / Stuck after run over water

I don't know if this is ever happened to any other cars out there but this is my personal experience driving Perodua Alza car during rainy days. When the road was flooding with water i just drive through it and i can feel the water level was obviously reaching the under carriage of the Alza and the range of the flooded road probably within 7 to 10 meters distance. I was driving a little bit slower to avoid water splashing on other cars.

After going through the water i can feel the steering is getting difficult to twist, I thought it should be okay and afterwards it becomes completely jammed / stuck / locked and i couldn't event twist a little to turn around on a small corner forcing me to stop.

I've never had experienced like this before despite driving through the waters quite a number of times. However this time is different and make me realized how dangerous it can be especially when driving in high speed on the road and having your steering suddenly jammed out of the blue.

In the end forced myself to stop to let the water dry away. A couple of minutes later the steering is back to normal. I've made some research on the internet there are many people complaining about their power steering stuck in wet condition. So this confirm not only Perodua Alza but it can happen to any cars.

If you have any comments, experience, and tips to solve this let me know i am looking for a solution but i won't go to the mechanic without knowing it myself because the technician tend  to do something else then fixing the problem - so i want them to check exactly the problem.

Updating this post

After sending it to the Perodua for service and advice - the V-ribbed belting which run the power steering is getting old and worn out. The Perodua technician said after it has been used for a couple of years it should be changed because the belt will lose its grip on the motor that turn it. As a result when the car run over water and the belt gets wet and slippery the power steering will then jammed / stuck. It turns out to be right - after changing new belting and i've testing run over over the power steering still function as usual. So now i know this is one of the problem of power steering stuck.

These are the pictures of the worn out belt. It still looks normal probably the tension of strength is not longer have enough grip to hold onto the motor. This belts is more than 4 years old since i got the car before and it cost RM90 to change a new one from Perodua

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Perodua Alza remote control key battery

Just for reference - perodua alza remote control key battery using 2 pieces of CR2016 3V coin/palette battery. The original battery that comes with the remote control itself is made by Hitachi Maxell, Ltd. Japan and lasted more than 5 years until it is dead.

Fake unoriginal battery lasted less than a year and it's already quite weak that may cause the press button of the remote control to fail due to excessive force to press it.

Now trying to use CR2016 cell battery from Energizer hoping that it would last at least a couple of years

How to open the alza / myvi / viva / kancil, bezza all perodua car remote control key is easy. Just thumbnail to force peel the casing and it's done as shown below.

Cara membuka kunci remote control perodua alza, myvi, kancil, bezza, viva | How to open perodua alza, bezza, myvi, kancil, bezza, viva remote control key casing