Saturday, November 24, 2018

Perodua Alza Continental Tire Review vs Good Year Kuching

After more than 3 years used the Good year tire seems to run out of thread despite I've placed as the back wheel. In addition one, the back tire is punctured by a long steel nail so I've decided to change using Continental tire again. The Good Year tire price was RM240 each from Yokohama tires at 3rd-mile workshop opposite sunny hill, it was 2 years due since the manufacturing date when it was purchased and that caused it to have tiny crack after 2 years of use. The purchased date around February 2016 read here "Good Year Tire in Kuching for Perodua alza"

Now that I have changed to Continental for RM240 each from Continental workshop along Jalan Tabuan Jaya. The previous one from Continental along the pending road cost RM280 each purchased in April 2018 with manufacturing date 1917 (week 19 the year 2017) read here "Perodua Alza continental tire in Kuching". The new one comes with the manufacturing date of 0318 (Week 3 the Year 2018) so it is quite new.

The performance of the Continental tires pretty well but the Good year was more comfortable when it was still new. We will evaluate the performance of the continental tires over the years how good it is and how long it will last from this year onwards.

In summary: 

Good year - lasted around 3 years or a little bit more due to the manufacturing date around week 48 year 2014. So now November 2018 it's replaced

Continental - still running manufacturing date week 19 year 2018

Continental - new one installed date manufacturing week 3 year 2018

continental tire review for alza kuching

continental tire kuching review

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