Thursday, November 22, 2018

Alza car power steering feeling stiff / tight when driving after alignment


It was a worrying experience after sending alza car for alignment to the workshop the power steering feels tight or stiff than normal difficult to turns when driving on the road before alignment was done. I thought the workshop has done  some damage to the steering or the following may have occur

1. Power steering pump damage / faulty
2. The power steering belt worn out / bad damage
3. Power steering oil becoming thicker 

But then again those shouldn't happen by coincidence after a car alignment. Finally after further checking it turns out all the tire pressure were over inflated to 42 psi when actually the car need only 33 psi maximum tire pressure. Not sure why the workshop does that when they are doing alignment - where 42 psi is the standard for pickup truck like Toyota Hilux. 

After reducing the pressure to 32.5 which is normally used for Alza - everything went back to normal. It was a great relief nothing major damage happening.

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