Monday, April 23, 2018

Continental Tyre Perodua Alza 185/55 R15 V

Just for record changing the previous tire Good Year. The old Good Year tire was cost around RM240 each or RM480 for two - and i didn't realize it was already 2 years past the expiry date when it was bought. After further research i've found the tire usually can last only around 4 years before it gets harden and cracking. And if you don't know how to check the Workshop Tauke just simply give you a tire that is already nearly the expiry dates like the Good Year the date indicate 4814 which means it was manufactured on the 48 weeks of year 2014. So i bought it on February 2016 which almost 2 years past the expiry date and only left 2 years before it gets expired. As evidence now is April 2018 the tire is badly cracking with small cracks all over the surface - this proof that tire cannot last for so long.

So this new continental tire is manufactured on the 18 weeks of 2017 as indicated by the number 1817 so its fine - left around 3 years to expire. It cost RM280 - i know this is kind of inflated price but i need to change it so I've learn to go to the same shop ever again and search another to get better price next time.

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