Friday, May 11, 2018

Perodua Alza Air Cond Not Cold - Filling Gas

The first time after nearly 4 years i have refill the air conditioner gas for my Alza car. After a sign of less cooling in the car - also there was a friend advice the gas should be refilled to prevent the compressor being overworked or damaged. The consequences of damaged compressor is much more expensive to repair (around RM500 or more) rather than the gas refilled (RM30 only).

During the gas refill process the mechanic / technician told me that if the air-conditioner frequently run out of gas and require refilling every few months - there could be a problem to the compressor and most likely leaked. But fortunately for me refill every few years so its fine.

Apart from that he also pointed out that if the air conditioner is working and cold the refill pipeline should be wet with droplets of water. Otherwise a dry is a sign of the air condition is not working properly and not getting cold as it should. This proved to be true before he refilled the gas the pipeline is completely dried and after the refilled it slowly developed water droplets and wet which means the air is working as expected.

See the picture below - the gas refill point with the cap and the pipeline.

The air conditioner air filter is located behind the storage compartment. How to open is actually very easy just press clip on the left and right inwards and pull it to reveal the air cond filter behind it.

Pull the cover aircond cover to open the filter inside.

The aircond filter lay flat

This is the air cond filter recently just replaced by Perodua. The mechanic said this type of filter is not good because it is easily contracted dust.

The mechanic recommended this type he said much better - but i didn't change because the old filter still quite new after the last perodua service replacement.

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  1. This is caused by the air cond cooling coil leak instead of the compressor read here alza aircond cooling coil leak