Wednesday, February 20, 2019

How to cook a simple Indian Chicken Curry

This is a very simple recipe for Indian Chicken Curry. Normally, yoghurt or coconut milk is added when cooking curries, but you can also cook curry without it. In this recipe, you may use yoghurt or coconut milk. I was out of coconut milk, so had to omit it.

What you need:
1 red tomato - wedged
1 onion / Bombay onion- wedged
1 stalk lemongrass - wash & cleaned and cut at the end
2-3pcs curry leaves - wash & cleaned
Half chicken - cleaned & chopped into about the width of 2 fingers
Salt and powdered chicken stock for seasoning
4 tablespoon curry powder-up to your personal preference (any brand will do. I used Baba's meat curry powder)
1/2 cup water
1tbsp chili powder*optional* You can add more if you like the curry to be more spicy.

1.  Heat pan with oil about 4-5 tablespoon.

2. Add in all ingredients except for chicken & seasoning. Stir fry until aromatic and add curry powder. Always cook with an open window (let fresh air flow into and out of your kitchen). After adding the curry powder, you might sneeze :) It happens to me most of the time.

3. Add about half cup of water just to dissolve the curry powder. Stir for about 30seconds and add in the chicken meat. Cover the pan with lid and stir every 5 minutes to make sure the meat and the gravy doesn't stick to the pan.

4. Season with salt & chicken stock. You can add more water if you want more gravy. I like mine to be abit watery. I love to pour alot of gravy on my white rice.

5. Taste & cook for the next 10minutes.

6. Serve hot and best taken with white rice. Bon apetit..

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