Tuesday, February 19, 2019

How Perodua Alza Battery Leaks

Ever since the battery leakage experience, I am still wondering how it could leak out of the cap without any obvious reasons. I am still not convinced by Perodua service center personnel who claimed the leakage is caused by over filling of battery water beyond the set limit. Today I tried to investigate and find out about it myself before making hasty decision to change it with dry battery. After thorough checking, I found there is hole made up by manufacturing purpose on the cap. For whatever reasons, I don’t understand why Yokohama has to make holes in the cap. This is totally out of the norms where the rest of other batteries are usually tight sealed with no holes in the caps. I believe the hole is one caused of the leakage. In conclusion Perodua service center technician is partly correct about this not to fill the battery off-set from the limit line. This is because when it is heated up the battery water will vaporize and the steam will sneak out of the battery cap holes.

Battery Specification:

Battery Manufacturer: Yokohama
Model: NS40ZLFT
Disadvantage: Holes Cap

According to Perodua technician, the leak surrounding the negative/positive terminal is actually not leaking but rather moist to cool it down. Well maybe this is acceptable since the terminal is heat conductor but still I don’t really understand as other batteries are not like that.

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