Saturday, March 26, 2011

Probable solution to RSL Error 1 of 2 Error #2046 problems

There are a lot of complaints from end users about the RSL Error #2046 problem caused by the unknown behavior of the Flash Player plug-ins. This problem often occurs when client accessing new sites or upgraded websites which their computers never have access for the first time. What more frustrating to this is there are no definitive solutions of the Error and in fact Adobe site itself cannot provide direct resolution to overcome it. Each users having their own unique difficulties on the RSL Error #2046 problem.

Adobe can only tell you this about Error #2046:

This error indicates that the loaded RSL was not signed properly. In the case of framework RSLs, the framework's SWZ file that the application attempted to load at run time was not a properly signed SWZ file. You must ensure that you deploy an Adobe-signed RSL.

The problem that might trigger RSL Error #2046

1. Outdated web-browsers and operating systems
2. Different web-browser have different way dealing with the flash plug-ins
3. Outdated flash player plug-ins
4. Operating system date/time not up-to-date

Some probable solutions how to solve RSL Error #2046 compile from end-users experience

1. Uninstall web-browser and re-install new with the latest version updates

Some users experience that when facing the RSL error #2046, they will just uninstall their web-browser and re-install with the new updated version and that will solve the problem. Also the latest the flash player version plug-ins must be installed in the system.

2. Use different web-browser i.e. Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, etc

Some others solve the problem by changing browsers. For example the RSL Error #2046 occurs persistently when using Internet Explorer, but when using Mozilla Firefox browser it’s just working fine. This is just another strange behavior of the flash plug-ins where no one can explained even Adobe don’t really know what caused the problem.

3. Delete web-browser cache history

Deleting/Clear web-browser cache is also sometimes work even though not always. If you need help how to clear web-browsers’ cache, just refer to's-Cache

4. Uninstall flash player and re-install latest version. Make sure to close the web-browser and open again for the updates to take effect

Most users will do this when encountering the RSL error #2046, by un-install their current flash player plug-ins and re-install the latest version. They said this usually solve the problem due to some missing plug-ins; however in some cases there are also who don’t get it work by doing this.

Adobe Flash Installation:
How to remove Flash Player completely - Read...

5. Adjust the Adobe Flash Player global settings

Another probable solution is by adjusting the Adobe Flash player Global Settings. Go to: . Un-check/un-tick the “Store common Flash components to reduce download times” and restart the web-browser.
6. Computer System date & Time

Sometimes when computers date and times is not up-to-date, may also trigger the RSL 1 of 2 Error #2046. So just set to the current dates & time that will solve the problem.
Until at this point of time now, there are no fixed solutions to the Adobe Flash problem RSL Error #2046 and Adobe does not provide clear documentation what caused the error and how to solve it with a universal solution. So what we can do is just keep trying on the above solutions, who knows it might works.

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