Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Simplest 4G Signal Internet Booster / Amplifier - 20 Mhz Active Crystal Oscillator

One of the project I am working on is to improve 4G internet signal and this is just a preliminary test using a simple 1 component 20 Mhz active crystal oscillator powered by 5 Volt USB charger. The surrounding area I live is well covered within the 4G signal but due to the HuaWei modem is placed in the room there are so many obstacle stand in the way causing the poor 4G signal reception. So i thought making a booster / amplifier would help get a better signal.

From the observation of the experiment it is indeed seems to work - even at 10 Mhz the oscillator have effect to the 4G signal reception to the HuaWei Modem. The normal signal without the booster averaged around 1 ~ 2 bar and the speed fluctuate within 2 Mbps or less. Using the active crystal oscillator 20 Mhz amplifier the signal bar is consistently at 3 bar and even if it falls to 2 bar the signal is above the normal 2 bar. The internet speed fluctuate within 7 Mpbs and 15 Mbps - occasionally it would rise up to 25 Mbps when when the signal bar is 5 but that happens not so frequency.

However at the very least 3 bar is good enough to stream - smooth YouTube videos and also surf the internet with blazing speed and smooth. The ultimate goal of the project is to achieve 2600 Mhz or 2.6 Ghz to achieve the same frequency as 4G and by that time i hope it will get full 5 bar and the internet will be consistent speed is at 25 Mbps.

To assist with the signal distribution I have made a new external antenna from cut soft drink can. It's very simple and easy to do so I don't have to explain that but - if you intend to do just make you have to sand paper where you would like to connect the crystal oscillator frequency output. It is because all soft drink can are insulated with a thin coated later of plastic or pain that prevent electrical signal to flow.

The result of the test is very satisfying although it may not get the full 4G signal but the internet speed perform above average and it really helps my internet for good since then. I am very very glad of this simple RF amplifier.

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