Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Worx WX550 axis saw top review

One of the best power tools that I've seen on Youtube review and also purchase it myself for home use - that is the Worx WX550 Axis saw 2 in 1 design. It can be a jigsaw and sawzall by twisting the saw heads up and down. Amazing design you can't get from power tools like makita, bosch, dewalt, milwaukee, ridgid, parkside, hilti, europa hilt, skil, or any other brand of tools.

Wood Cutting Performance:

Cutting woods, plastic, and plywood has becoming so easy with the worx wx550 jigsaw and it even can be used for pruning tree branches. The blades goes through the wood is so easy almost effortless and i really love how easy it is to use the reciprocating saw. The youtube review demonstration below shows the living proof how easy and convenient to use the saw both in jigsaw or sawzall mode it works perfectly.

Metal cutting performance:

Non-ferrous metal cutting performance is as good too - it cuts the metal easily without the right blades. It cuts through 5mm metal rod also did quite good. Despite of its failure to cut the 10mm as shown in the video it actually can be done. Just that during the video test the blade used was the same as the one when it cut the first 5mm metal rod. As a result cutting the 10mm metal rod is already having a blunt teeth therefore the result was disappointing.

In summary the Worx WX550 axis sawzall / jigsaw is really a good top class power tools to have as DIY, plumbing, general home improvement tools. I really do recommend it although i don't work for Worx to promote this but it really does a good job.

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