Thursday, September 8, 2011

How to change alza fog light

It takes some experience to change the alza fog light especially removing the inner fender mudguard. Although it is not required to remove the fender mudguard but at least you have to push it aside to allow your hands to reach the bulb.

1. First remove some of the inner fender mudguard clips

2. You have to know which one to take out to make it easier to push it aside later - first is on the side and two at the bottom

3. Once the clips are removed then push the inner fender mudguard to allow your hands to reach the bulb

4. Slip your hands through and open the bulb cover

5. Then push the bulb clip upward and remove the bulb by pulling it out of the socket

6. Replace the bulb using bulb type H3 (12 volt 55 Watt)

7. Put back in the bulb to the socket connector and clip it back and cover it

What is alza fog light bulb type (model)? H3 (12 Volt 55 Watt)

alza fog lamp | alza fog light bulb

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