Saturday, July 23, 2016

How to reset EPSON ink level for CISS for FREE

Everything else is good about the EPSON L200 printer CISS - but there is only one little trouble when the one or all the CISS tank is running out of inks. After refilling the EPSON ink indicator is not automatically increase because the printer cannot detect it as it is located in the reservoir and not in the cartridge. Therefore in order to reset the ink level indicator a special software called the ink resetter is required to do the job. And the problem they are not free - it cost around 19 USD to get the WIC Reset Utility software license.

However there is one free software that is not quite friendly but it is good enough to perform ink reset for the EPSON printer. It's the Resetter Adjustment Program which you can download for free.

How to use it

1. Once downloaded extract the file to any of your preferred folder location
2. Open the AdjProg.exe file
3. Select your printer and let it detect auto-port
4. Select Particular Adjustment Mode
5. Select Cleaning/Ink Charge
6. Ink Charge choose "Not increment ink consumption counter" or "Not Increment waste ink pad counter"

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