Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Windows insulation using bubble wrap (prevent heat from the hot sun) DIY

I was searching for an idea to cool my room which has been facing the sun for years. The hottest day usually recorded near 40 degrees Celcius that is comparable to serious cold fever heat. So among the best option i could think of was to plant trees but that is a long term plan that may take years for it to grow and maintain. Another option was to tint the window using black tinted film like those for cars but i think it's quite costly and the application is permanent.

So there is an article talking about (bubble wrap) that people use for greenhouse application. It's very effective against the heat of the sun and it also can be use for home windows. The fact is bubble wrap is very cheap and purchased 10 meters long x 1 meters width only cost around RM21 from lelong.com.

So here's what i used

1. Measuring tap
2. Scissors
3. Soap mix with plain water in a spray bottle

Step 1: Measure the bubble wrap cuttings against the windows size and cut accordingly

Step 2: Once done take use stairs or ladder to climb up and apply the bubble wrap. Spray the soap water on the windows to create sticking mechanism. Once it is done place the bubble wrap accordingly.

Step 3: Keep doing until all windows covered and clean the excess soap using cloth. It Done!! Very simple

As you can see from this thermometer result which i got for RM2.99 from supersave store. Usually it measures up to 40 degrees Celsius at the hottest time of the day but now it's only 35 degrees C. This is very significant improvement as 37 degree C is human body temperature at 35 the room only feel warmer. Apart from reducing heat it also helps the air conditioner to work less and thus consuming less electricity to cool down the room. This has been consistent even at the hottest time of the day which means it really works just like the greenhouse and i can take it  away anytime if i want to. Perfect!!

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