Friday, March 29, 2019

Cheapest and most effective way to clean car scratches (Not removing scratches)

There are quite a number of spot of scratches which i think for a long long time how to remove them. I've tried fix it pro before and it was cheap but unfortunately it's fake - i meant not the real fix it pro that they show on TV. Apart from that i also consider other way such as Meguiar's wax, Meguiar's Scratch X 2.0, Soft99, Tripplewax Metallic,  Autosol metal polish, etc to remove the scratches but they are way too expensive to get.

Until today i tried the unexpected household product (toothpaste) which i never thought of before. So i get the cheapest toothpaste (Pepsodent brand 190 gram) from the store cost around RM2.99 to try.

In this case i am going to clean the scratches NOT removing them because to remove it require special paint and skill to apply it right otherwise it becomes worst than it originally looks. Besides what make the scratches very obvious is because of the dirt penetrate within the scratches. Some of the scratches are not even scratches but stubborn oxidized chemical dirt that is difficult to remove using detergent or water.

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So this what i have done.

Step 1: Use any cloth preferably micro fiber because of it's soft and smooth structure to apply the toothpaste effectively. Soak in the water and squeeze to remove the excess water - not using wet cloth but a damn cloth since dry cloth tend apply more scratches if there are debris of sands or dirt on the cloth.

Step 2: Apply enough amount of toothpaste on the scratches - this is preference wise as long as you think is enough. Apply more when the scratches dirt still visible. 

Step 3: Swipe the cloth back and forth follow the direction of the scratches until it is eventually disappear. Some stubborn dirt are more difficult to remove apply a little of hand pressure while swiping and apply more toothpaste if necessary. 

Step 4: Once it is completely cleaned just wash away with water - looking closely you might still notice there are line of scratches but it is no longer visible from afar after the dirt is cleaned. The pictures below shows how terrible the scratches were and how cleaned looks after washed off using toothpaste.

So before buying expensive car wax next time think about your toothpaste. You can try it - nothing to loose other than your time and effort and a little amount of toothpaste. Cheers!

This is one of the cheapest toothpaste I've got but it work brilliantly compare to those expensive fancy brand car wax and polish or whatever scratch remover out there.

Look how bad the scratches are and metal dirt on the spotlight - it has been there nearly a year without anything can remove it. I was thinking to send it to the workshop for fixes but considering it might be expensive always stop me from doing so. The toothpaste really save my money.

Another terrible dented part on the front windscreen with metal dirt and rusted. After scrubbing it off with toothpaste even the metal itself revealed it's true color and most of the dirt are gone for good.

This is the first time application of the toothpaste and it works - that's how everything move on from this point onward. That is a mixture scratches and metal oxidized dirt. It took me few minutes to scrub it off but it well worth it after completely cleaned

Scratches around the car door knob - i know that every car must have this scratches and it's inevitable. Mark of scratches becomes obvious when dirt penetrate in it but this the easiest to clean as the scratches are shallow and only contracted minor dirt. It takes effortlessly like cleaning your plate after eating using the toothpaste

Another serious bad scratches - by the look at first i thought it will only remove a little bit but after keep trying it's turned out to be perfectly cleaned using a toothpaste. That's super effective.

Another terrible dented area with oxidized dirt and deep scratches. Notice again not only it cleaned the dirt but also the metal itself as you can see the color a little shined.

This one is okay and can be removed normally


  1. Toothpaste is great for fixing scratches, but Meguiar's is crap for cleaning teeth. Cheerio!

    1. I m just hoping the manufactures won't increase the price of toothpaste because of this blog post ;p