Sunday, May 4, 2014

Yokohama Dry Cell Battery (B34B20LMF) for Alza

If you prefer maintenance free battery, this one is considerably not so bad. I've been using this for quite sometimes since replacing the dead liquid battery. There was a problem using the liquid battery when the steam leak out from the breathing hole of the seal cap read here The result of the leak have some corrosive effects on the metal and plastic materials around the engine. So when it was dead, I've opted to use the Yokohama Dry Cell Battery (B34B20LMF) for RM180. It's true there was no maintenance at all during it's life time until it is dead now.

It last almost exactly around 1 year 6 months since the first time using it. Before it is totally dead, there was an indication the car having difficulty to turn on and it's very must be the battery and after checked with the local workshop yes indeed it requires to be changed. Since the workshop has no stock now using Hyundai Enercell (Dry Cell Battery). The good thing about the Hyundai dry cell there is an indicator when it should be replaced but for the time being there is no record for me to compare how long it would last.

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