Sunday, May 4, 2014

Fuji Xerox M205b - Laser Printer tough fix

This is a review about the pain in the ass Fuji Xerox M205b laser printer. No doubt the printing output of this printer is good and it also comes with built-in scanner and copy machine. However the frequency of paper jammed in the printer is quite often from the simplest to the most complicated situation, and sometimes it takes a lot of efforts to get them out of the printer.

It would be worst if there small pieces of paper stuck inside the deep structure of the printer, and this could be a nightmare to fix it yourself. The fixes is not for the novice and in-experience individuals. The printer is assembled by tight plastic clips covers and also complicated cables. The process of dismantling the parts  is painstakingly require careful details and patience to open up each covers and parts.

, as for the novice you will need to be careful with the fragile plastic parts as well as the original positions of each parts. Otherwise certain parts ended up broken and annoyingly challenging to put it back in its original place.

Therefore i don't think this is a good printer for personal home use as we cannot afford to call technician every time there's problem with complicated paper jam, electronic indicators and complicated mechanical failures within the printer.


  1. You're damned right about it!

  2. Wish I had know this before I bought 2 more toner cartridges for it, how hard is it to remove the top scanner and paper feed assembly? I have a jam there behind the roller and need to get that out, the picture are excellent my only regret is that you did not fully document dissasembly as it would have helped my situation.

    1. The reason simply because the Fuji Xerox M205b printer quite a number of screws and process to remove. Even if there is documentation you would be confused by the process -- not to mention putting them back in place.