Sunday, March 24, 2019

Coconut Juice and Gallstone Stomach Pain

A couple of months before going for Gallstone removal surgery, I used to drink a lot of coconut juice. However not long after having so much of it, my right abdomen starting to trigger some excruciating pain which lasted around 2 to 3 hours. It happens regularly around 2.00 AM to 3.00 AM in the morning and it’s really painfully irritating. Either lying down or standing will not help to ease the pain.

Initially I thought it was just normal stomach pain due to bad gas or gastric. But after it happens quite frequently I decided going to the general practitioner clinics for check up. The doctor didn’t do much and gave normal gastric medicines as he suspected it’s just normal gastric problem. However after taking the medicines for a week, the pain still continue and in fact sometimes it lasted until the sun rise around 8.00AM.

So after that I can sense something more serious happens, and went to the private hospital for stomach examination. The result of the Endoscopy and Ultrasound scan reveals approximately 3cm in length of gallstone on my right abdomen. Thank God, a week later I went for the surgery and have the gallstone successfully removed by the doctor.

After almost a year now since the surgery, whenever drinking coconut juice I can still feel a slight of pain on the same spot where the gallstone was. So I guess there is strong connection between the GallStone and Coconut juice. If happens that you drink coconut juice and feeling the same excruciating pain in your stomach, it is advisable to go Ultrasound scan.


  1. Natural coconut water or commercial coconut juice?

  2. Coconut milk is actually used often to move out stones, not sure but could be because it stimulates the release of bile. Maybe coconut water has similar properties. But also maybe this coconut water just contributed to releasing more bile from your liver which then moved the stone, hence why you started getting the pain. I am not a doctor but coconut milk gives me pain but then I get diahreaa and all my liver and bile issues are resolved for the day. I read it helps release bile which can move and soften stones if they exist.

    1. Thx for the comment it gives an idea to find more about it

  3. Hello, I have gallstones as well. After eliminating fatty, greasy foods from my diet, I realized that it was the coconut water that is causing my excruciating pain. I would not recommend coconut water if you know you have stones.

  4. I used coconut water in a carton and the powdered coconut water. Both caused unrelenting upper GI pain for me.

  5. I drink natural coconut water too, but it's causing me too much pain. I have gallstones as well. I just realized this now.