Wednesday, February 20, 2019

How to change Classipress 3.1.5 Theme footer links

Changing the Classipress footer links to your link destinations help to promote your own sites or affiliate programs. Below is how you can change the way you want it. In Default the link name are "Classified Ads Software" and "Powered By Wordpress". You can change these names by editing the code highlighted in blue.

1. Log into Classipress admin control panel
2. Find "Appearance" category > Editor
3. In Editor on the left flank look for theme-footer.php > click on it.
4. In Edit mode look for the follow codes

<div class="right">
<p><a target="_blank" href="" title="Classified Ads Software"><?php _e('Classified Ads Software','appthemes'); ?></a> | <?php _e('Powered by','appthemes'); ?> <a target="_blank" href="<a href="">WordPress Premium Themes</a>
" title="WordPress">WordPress</a></p>
5. To change URL link destinations change the code highlighted in red and to change the links wording edit the one highlighted in blue.

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