Sunday, February 27, 2011

What's good about Canon IXUS 110 IS Digital Camera - 12.1 Mega Pixels

My review about Canon IXUS 110 IS Digital Camera with 12.1 Mega Pixels (Effective pixels). Ever since i purchased this camera i am fairly satisfied with it. However what i like most about it is the 12.1 Mega Pixels capture capability, video recording, and the ability to scan smaller image.
Firstly with 12.1 mega pixels image capture capability, making it good enough to capture high quality images especially under good lighting condition.

Secondly the video capture capability is a big complement to the camera. Under good lighting condition, the clarity of video capture can be as good as real video cam. Check it out from youtube video how good the video capture of this camera under good lighting.

Thirdly it is capable of scanning tiny images, even 8 to 9 font size. 

The only bad thing about this camera is the flash. Capturing images/pictures at night or in the dark using the flash can produced uneven lighting in the photo. It makes the photo look over charged with light on certain part. 

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