Saturday, January 15, 2011

Perodua Alza - Shell V-Power 97 vs Fuelsave 95 Comparison

It is good to own a car with fuel meter so that you can compare the fuel consumption of your car. Since i drive Perodua Alza car, i usually monitor the car fuel consumption so control my budget spending for fuel every month.

Usually i use Shell petrol and my consumption statistic is as follow:

Shell V-Power 97 - spent RM 50:
  • Estimated distance drive coverage = 160 Kilometers up to 170 Kilometers
  • The car pick up is much more powerful if using V-Power 97 but the fuel also burnt faster
Shell FuelSave 95 - spent RM 50:
  • Estimated distance drive coverage = 250 Kilometers up to 270 Kilometers
  • The pick up power is much weaker compare to V-Power 97 but this save a lot of fuel.
So i go for Shell FuelSave 95 all the time since then

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