Friday, October 15, 2010

How to make Karaoke VCD from youtube video?

I was out of idea to find they how to download youtube video and burn it into VCD where i can play it on my DVD/VCD player. I have searched many software and almost all of them not working and are doesn't have complete features to make one. But in the end i found the way at last. So below is what i did to make it work.

Step 1: Purchase Cucusoft Youtube Mate for $30 (To download you tube video and convert it to VCD format)

Step 2: Then download Nero 7 Ultra from (torrent) to get free version ;).

Now i can easily download any video clip from youtube then convert it to VCD format using Cucusoft Youtube Mate. Then use Nero Ultra 7 version to burn the clip onto blank CD-R. It work 100% perfectly. No need to buy expensive Karaoke CD anymore.


  1. does karaoke vcd contain lead vocal of each song?

  2. Hmm i am not sure of that but it can just record any video and copy into CD then you can play it on your DVD/VCD player.

  3. Then it is not a karaoke VCD!
    It's just music VCD!

    1. Apologize for the misleading info...what i was suggesting was to take those karaoke version of youtube video and turn it into VCD therefore the output is Karaoke VCD. That was the idea