Saturday, August 11, 2018

How to make a booster antenna for cellphone

Obviously, we all know the pain, when we lose the cellphone signal. It's not the eighteenth century now; the cell phones are not just phone, they packed a mini-computer inside. Significantly, they are called smart-phones, and they are becoming smart day by day. Though some $5000 phone may handle the situation, maybe they get signals in mares, but we need to think about general peoples. Today I present some methods, by which you can make a booster antenna for your cell phone.

Consequently, the process is called DIY project. Eventually, a little or no engineering knowledge is required for the task.

Using Paper Clip: Bend a paper clip in L shape then place that into antenna hole or SIM card slot! Make sure, and your phone is parallel to it. Secure the clip using a clear piece of tape.

Custom Antenna: Accordingly, take 20 cm long, 2-4 mm iron wire, make it square shape, and bend the end in parallel. Then attach it in the back of your cell phone, and connect that with the signal weir.

Aluminum Foil antenna: Take a big piece of aluminum foil, and then roll it. Using that roll, make a circular shape, that need to be attached in the back section of the phone. Use copper weir to attach it with the antenna hole. Use duck tape or plastic for avoiding unnecessary shorting. Meanwhile, you may add a back cover for a finished look.

Using the three process mentioned on the upper section, you can make a booster antenna for a cell phone for yourself. Surprisingly, you may buy some booster antenna for your cell phone from the market. The best part is, they are cheap and easy to use. Now the choice is yours.

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