Saturday, August 11, 2018

How To - Mac Screenshot Short Cut Keyboard

You can capture full screen or selected portion that you want and saved on your desktop.

How to take a full screenshot

  1. On your keyboard hit + Command (⌘) + Shift  + 3 key simultaneously on the keyboard.
  2. The screen capture output is stored on the desktop as a .png file.

How to select a portion of the screen and capture the image

  1. On the keyboard press Command + Shift + 4 at the same time. The pointer then transformed to a cross chair cursor.
  2. Using mouse move the cross chair cursor to the intended area where you want to capture,
  3. Still using a mouse then click, hold and drag the mouse button to make a selection. While dragging, hold Spacebar, Shift or Option to change the selections behavior.
  4. Finally, release the mouse button to capture. Use the Esc key to cancel capture but do this before releasing the button.
  5. The print screen image can be found on the desktop as a .png file

How to take a screenshot of a dynamic popup menu list and prevent it from being hidden.

Using the mouse or trackpad button - click on the menu to show its contents.

On the keyboard press Command + Shift + 4 key at the same time as the mouse cursor pointer will transform to a cross chair icon.

Using the mouse, click and hold the mouse left button and drag to select the menu. Once done release the mouse or trackpad button to capture.

How to screen capture of a window:

  1. Press Command + Shift + 4 on the keyboard. The cursor will transform into a cross chair icon.
  2. Hit the Spacebar button on the keyboard and the cursor changes to a camera icon.
  3. Using mouse or trackpad button move the camera over to a window - it will automatically highlight it.
  4. Click on the mouse left button or trackpad to capture
  5. To cancel, press Esc on the keyboard before click to capture.
  6. The output of the screenshot is on the desktop as a .png file format

The best 3rd party screen capture software Snagit for Mac;

If you are doing screen capture very often especially for work purpose - the combination of the button will tire you doing it day after day. Most of the time this small matter turns to disaster when it messes with your hard work.

Fortunately, there is a software called "Snagit" that especially can do this work with one press of a button and it really helps to reduce 90% of the time if there are plenty of screenshots to make. Apart from that it automatically saves the image to a specified folder that you have chosen instead of the desktop. This will reduce the time to delete or remove them again to prevent messing with the desktop screen.

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