Sunday, September 17, 2017

How To Repair A Smartphone That Dropped In Water

The smartphones tend to have common accidents, such as falling into the water. If this situation happens to us, we should not panic, and for no reason, we must blow the device, as we would make the situation worse. When a smartphone falling into the water, it is important to take the situation calmly, and perform some simple techniques to try to minimize the damage, hopefully, will only become a scare.

In this article, we will look at some actions that can be do it yourself to repair the smartphone device that falls into the water.

1. Remove The Battery

The first step we must take, and perhaps the most important, is to remove the battery from the Smartphone (or any other device) that has fallen into the water. This step, it should be done almost immediately to happen the fall to the water of the smartphone, since the more time passes, the greater possibility of damage to the integrated there is. The battery, we will remove it quickly, without turning off the device . Also, we must remove the Sim card from the smartphone to avoid reactions with water that can damage it.

2. Disarm Your Smartphone

This step is delicate, but necessary, since it will allow us to minimize the damage in the equipment . Usually we will need a screwdriver, so we must remove the main cover and the keyboard, to clean and to dry. If you are not an expert, disassemble as far as you think you can perform this action, without further damaging the wet device .

3. Preliminary Drying

Once the device is opened , we dry the pieces (as much as we can) with a towel without strips or microfiber. We must use an absorbent towel, and with great care, to avoid damaging an integrated one.

4. Dry Thoroughly With Rice

Now we will completely dry the smartphone. To do this, we will use a soft and dry toothbrush, in addition to a can of compressed air . We will try to leave each integrated completely dry. Then we can use a swab with ISO propyl alcohol to clean the contacts.

Another way to dry it, a little less technical, is to place the smartphone in a bowl full of rice. Since these cereals are extremely absorbent, they will remove all the moisture from the smartphone, we must cover the whole apparatus with rice and leave it well, at least a couple of days. Then we take it out and use compressed air and a soft toothbrush to remove any particles left in the smartphone .

5. Arming The Smartphone

Now, just lock the smartphone, put the Sim card and the battery and then turn it on. We must make sure that all moisture has been removed before turning it on. If the damage was not greater, the phone should turn on smoothly.

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