Monday, July 24, 2017

York Air Conditioner Outdoor unit is not running and LED Timer, Sleep, Ion, Cool/Heat not turning on

Basic DIY York Air Conditioner Trouble Shooting.

The problem is LED light indicator for all Timer (Yellow), Ion (green), Cool/Heat (white) and Sleep (red) are not lighting up and the outdoor unit is also not running.

Checking outdoor unit is not turning on:

First we need to isolate the problem if the outdoor unit is failing / faulty or the indoor unit supply not enough power to the outdoor unit. Check the voltage between the live and neutral or live and ground cable going to the compressor as shown in the picture below using a multi-meter (AC voltage measure setting). If the voltage between Live + Neutral or Live + Ground reads around 230 Volt ~ 240 Volt meaning there is power going to the outdoor unit. Which means it should run the motor accordingly. If the voltage reads like 1 Volt or nothing there is no power going to the outdoor unit which means it is not turning on.

No voltage going to the outdoor unit indicates the indoor unit is the root cause of the problem - because there is a circuit from the indoor to supply enough current to the outdoor unit to run.

Optional Checking: You can take a power cable directly connect to the Brown / Neutral from the power source and turn it on to see if the outdoor unit is running.

Check Indoor unit capacitor - CBB61 1uF 5% capacitor the blue cable on the left and the red cable on the right should measure around 280 Volt ~ 300 Volt using multi-meter (AC measure). If it reads OL there is a problem with the indoor unit. Not necessarily the capacitor itself although it can be - circuitry in the system could cause the capacitor to fail.

In the case of my York air conditioner - the outdoor unit is not turning on due to two problem. Firstly the sensor coil is no longer functioning normally (faulty) as per technician checking. This is how the York sensor coil is like. It cost around RM30 to RM40 but sometimes depending on the technician. The tips is made of copper and connect to the circuitry on the circuit board. This is one item need to be replaced.

Second problem is all the LEDs not turning on due to the circuit board electrical path damaged by chemical corrosion. The LEDs is what you see Green (Ion), Yellow (Cool/Heat), Orange (Time), and Red (Sleep). Green meaning everything is fine and any other than that usually is a problem. This LED circuit board also have replacement parts that you can find. In my case the technician has it so its much easier to find.

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