Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Brew your own e-juice - DIY

Good quality e-juice are expensive and that leads to a desperation how to make it myself. If it wasn't because of the price i thought it would alright to buy - but it's simply out of my budget to get 30 ml for USD $10 to $12 each. So i have tried and there quite a challenge to make one especially to achieve the same level as the quality e-juice with the like of Fcking flava. The ingredients are readily available online and there are lot of tutorial how to mix it as well as the ratio of how much to put in for each of the ingredients.

So i have got the ingredients

1. Propelyne Glycol
2. Glycerine
3. Flavors

I didn't get any nicotine because it's expensive - and ended up just vaping the flavors and it's not as bad even without nicotine. Just follow ready made ration recipes from this site called e-liquid recipes

Despite of getting most of the materials available it's not easy to achieve high standard of e-juice like the one made by fcking flava. Simply mixing the e-juice won't do any good - and i did once just mixing and shake by hand a while. Ended up vaping the propelyne glycol that cause a heavy headache and feeling of sleepiness. Without proper mixing technique most of the solution won't absorb into the wick or cotton especially the glycerin which is highly viscous and heavier.

So i made a magnetic stirrer from the magnet of the CD-ROM drive and hard disk and USB fan hoping that it will better. Well there is improvement in the solution but still not good enough to achieve a higher quality e-juice. Most people on the net recommend to steep the e-juice for sometimes like a juice and shake it once in a while. I don't like that because it takes too long and the length of time is not always exactly 1 week at times it takes longer than that.

There are many other ways that I've tried that I am lazy to write them down :). I made once it was good but the rest lack of standard - due to atomizer burnt i couldn't afford anymore price to keep buying them and i've stop this experiment. There was a time the e-juice was close to the fcking flava but i didn't record the step and how much ratio was used. And of course the true secret of mixing e-liquid is the mixing technique. There must be something to do with temperature which i don't have the patience to experiment the length of time + temperature. If all the tools are available i would have done it better.

These are left in history and a bit of my memory. The remnant of my failure in making e-juice...I shouldn't have stopped here if the atomizer is not too expensive but it's just too much -- so fuck it!!

This is to test the absorption rate of the e-juice I've made vs Fcking flava. The fcking flava probably have a special solution that blend all the ingredients together and it absorb very fast - a new juice flavor from the fcking flava can easily replace the old one when it is fill in.

In terms of vapor - it's not so bad and close to the fcking flava.

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