Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What is the advantages online shopping site vs offline shop

The new way of doing business has changed significantly over the years as new generation of human race are born in the world of internet technology. People are tend to live more on the internet world including socializing, shopping, entertainment, searching for knowledge, working, checking emails etc. The advancement of technology devices such as computers, laptops, smart phones, etc providing us the opportunities for to engage in the internet world almost everyday in our lives. We are not only doing it at home but also in schools, universities, and workplaces or even during holidays.

People are becoming knowledgeable and learning new things what they want to know, what they can get, and the benefits to them. There are facebook, twitters, pinterest, youtube, google, google plus, yahoo, etc could provide the info they new and people are improving their knowledge everyday about things. These has opened up opportunities for new age of business via the internet and the possibilities are almost limitless. So in this article we are going to compare what are the benefits of online shopping site compare to the conventional physical shop setups.

E-Commerce Online Shopping Offline Shop
Rental fees $100 to $200 USD (Domain + Hosting Services) per year Rental place minimum $500 up to $20,000 per month
Hiring shopkeepers are not necessary especially if the business is small or medium. Hiring shopkeepers are compulsory and without them shop will close operation
Stock inventory - not necessary. A person can be end user sellers, suppliers, middle man, or whatever they want to be. There is no need to keep physical stocks and you can have your online shop hosted anywhere while your own physical location is in the USA but your item that you are selling is in China. In this example when someone buying you can tell the supplier in China to ship In conventional shop usually you will need to keep stock in order to keep high trust from the buyers. Otherwise they will always get disappointed when the item they wanted is not available.
Items to sell - the possibilities are limitless:

You can sell item from physical product such as craft, toys, cloth, mobile phones, electronics, etc

Virtual products such as website templates, domain names, games card codes, musics, movies, e-books,

Services: Website fix, building websites, enter data, Photoshop arts, computer fix,

Selling ideas and skills also can be done online - people are in constant needs of something to help themselves.
It's tougher to sell all kind of products and display them in offline shop as it requires huge capitals to get them and there are huge risks of shipment stand in the way with high cost of delivery. So offline shop usually sells niche range of products such as hardware, departmental store, mini market, etc
E-commerce online store are equipped with useful features such as discount feature, shopping cart, and multiple mode of payment i.e. Bank Online Transfer, Paypal, Credit Cards, or Even Cash on delivery Offline shop usually prefer only cash for small business and accepting credit cards for medium business because it's not convenience to make bank transfer to buy small items. Marketing plan such as discounts require physical planning that may incur high cost.
Stock tracking feature are readily available in e-commerce store. It gives the store owner/administrator to state the number of availability of the item and will alert them when the stocked are sold out Offline stock tracking require manual record and it can be tough and time wasting.
Delivery - the rise of internet business provide the opportunities to the rise of courier services and they are quite a number to choose from. They will deliver the item to your door step. Although it maybe incur cost to the buyer but the item is deliver directly to their home. Usually the buyers have to come to the shop to buy. It takes burns their fuel, time, and effort to make it to the shop
A new system - to improve trust. One of the number danger that end users are afraid of buying online is the scam that has been going on the internet since its early days. However constant improvement and methods for example rating systems and also documents of legality can reduce such incident to occur. Where end user can rates the sellers services and also report them to the authority using the legal document (i.e. ID, Passport, Address, Phone number, etc). Offline store is good on the trust because it's face to face interaction
Visitors/Traffic/Customers - are limitless they are billions of them although you don't have to expect all of them but only a fraction of percentage of them to buy your item is enough. Customers are limited to the location population.
You should own an e-commerce website rather than using eBay or Amazon although it is alright to do so. The advantage of having your own online store because you hold vital information about your customers. For example where they come from, what do they buy, how much is the price of the item, etc. Using these information you can command price or offering more product ranges that might interest them

The growth of internet business also helping to provide opportunities to the courier service business. Not only in terms of numbers but competitiveness in term of providing the most convenient, trusted, and reliable services

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  1. yes this is right online shopping have many benefits over offline shopping including free from crowded areas, various options to choose,can compare prices very easily etc.