Sunday, May 29, 2011

Air Asia Bad Internet Booking Service

This is the first time i feel frustrated with Air Asia service, when booking ticket via its online portal. Firstly after making payment the system automatically cancel the booking without any reason. Secondly when making a call to their customer service to complaint it cost me RM10 phone credit just for a few minutes to explain the problem to them. This is totally ridiculous, it's like when calling to solve a problem at the same time adding more problems. Thirdly when the customer service personnel asking me to send an email to with a scanned copy of the transaction document to re-instate the booking. Now another stupid problem arise, the email bounced back with a message telling me that their mail box is full. So i have to make another call to informing them their email box is full. Come on lah!! Air Asia don't wait for the client to inform you what's wrong with your email system. And the worst just to tell them their email is full they charge another RM10 phone credit. Now i my extra total lost is RM20 + My time to call + It's not my fault that the system cancel the booking without notifying me.

AIR ASIA!!! Next time don't do this again. It's annoying + Frustrating + Waste of Time + Waste Money. Get your online system and email working at all time and get someone to take maintain it 24/7. Being cheap doesn't meant you want it to be the worst do you?

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