Saturday, March 19, 2011

Factory Built-In CISS Epson L100 and L200 All-In-One Printer

Out of the many countries, the unlikely Indonesia claimed to have the first ever factory built-in Continuous Supply Ink System (CISS) printer. This is integrated on EPSON printer L100 and L200 models. I have search the info about this on the World Wide Web and this is what I found at Epson Indonesia website. It is very unfortunate that EPSON is not making any kind of these printers in the USA, UK, or Malaysia yet. If it is does, I am sure that everyone is will not hesitate to replace their printers as the CISS save so much money.

EPSON L100 (CISS) Built-in Technical Specification:

The EPSON L100 model is with standard function just for black-white and color printing using basic colors such as black, cyan, yellow, and magenta (CYMK). The built-in CISS installed on the printer is capable to produce a staggering 12,000 pages (black) and 6,500 for colors A4 printed papers which is far more productive then printers without CISS installed on it.

EPSON L200 All-In-One (CISS) Built-In Technical Specification:
The EPSON L200 model comes with All-In-One function with standard colors black, cyan, yellow, and magenta as well. Having the CISS installed, it would be so much cost effective to use it for small business and home use.

Ink Colors:

Now you don’t have to worry about the ink compatibility with the printers as it is manufactured by EPSON itself. EPSON also guarantee the quality for color and Photo printing, and most importantly EPSON provide warranty to ensure satisfaction for its end-users. And this make me more excited to get the EPSON L200 model, because all I know that EPSON has produced the best quality printers these days.