Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What is bad about Fujitsu LCD monitor made in China

Looking very sleek and elegant, the front screen is protected with hard plastic glass. The price also very affordable around RM499 for Fujitsu 19" LCD monitor at PCimage Wisma Saberkas Kuching. I purchased on this monitor before for my brother and after 3 months later he came back to me complaining the monitor is bad.

I thought Fujitsu brand suppose to be high quality products, but this is not the case. I send it back to the dealer and for fixing and they suspected the display light is damaged inside. It took them one week to repair. When i got back i am satisfied since the monitor can be reused again.

However i got annoy one more thing about it when the monitor is not functioning as good as the previously bought. It display the font incorrectly not according to the computer setting. So this make me very frustrated about it. I will not buy Fujitsu monitor brand again unless it is directly made in Japan.

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