Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How cyber criminal steal credit card information

Having a credit card supposed to make your life easier and convenient, you can go anywhere in the world without bringing thick cash notes in your pocket. Just with a piece of credit cards you can pay almost anything. However out of the convenient there is big danger of having credit cards where it is easily exposed to credit card information theft. If you are not careful enough to safeguard your credit card you can be broke without realizing how it happens.

There are two common ways how criminals can steal your credit card information:

One way they do it is using credit card skimmer device. It's a small simple device that work almost like the credit card machine. What it does is when someone swipe credit card on it, it will store all the credit card information details including the credit card number, last 3 digits of the CCV, expire dates, and owner of the credit card name. Watch youtube demonstration below how people can steal credit card information using the skimmer device.

Interestingly enough this device can be acquired easily by anyone and it cost very cheap around $20 to $100 bucks from underground sellers. According to some experts there is worst to come in the future with the new improvement of this device with the integration of Bluetooth and RFID. If this is true, then people can steal your credit card information just passing by you. Or just hang in the crowds to collect everyone's credit card information remotely without anyone notice.

The other way how people steal credit card information is through hacking of e-Commerce websites or any websites that accept credit card payment. No matter how tight their security is eventually all these websites will face the truth of getting hacked at any moment. What happen is when someone purchase products or services online using credit cards their payment details are stored in the site's database for sometimes as references. Some popular e-commerce websites even stored millions of such information in their database. Without realizing it the website got hacked and hackers will harvest all the information.

Just watch how 8 year old kid even can hack e-commerce website and steal the credit card information from the database.

Next time if you want to use your credit card to purchase online think twice before you end up broke out of the blue.

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