Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Build diy table top cost

Recently i was thinking to build my own DIY table top outside for cooking and chopping meat. This is cost just for reference.

Half Tonne of Sands + 50 pcs clay brick = RM72
Metal pole (18 meters x 2 pcs) = RM33 (RM18.50 each for 18 meters - 1 inch diameter) - Seyi Hardware (Sekama)
Wire mesh fence (dawai) = RM33 (Seyi Hardware Sekama RM21 for 4 meters + Tabuan Jaya RM12 for 4 meters)
Cement (1 bag) = RM20

Rough total = RM158

Considering this is my first time doing it - there are a lot of experience needed to make. I believe an experience and skilled person can do this way much cheaper and quicker without spending so much money and time.

The actual process:

43 bricks used = 26 each stand
Half bag of cement used - to build the brick stand
3 pcs x 4 meters metal used
8 bucket of sand - cement bucket

The actual used of materials way lesser than the acquired. - after this experience should save a lot of money to buy the materials.

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