Sunday, October 28, 2018

Replacing perodua alza day running light T10 E4 halogen lamp

Previously I've changed the day running light using an LED as discussed on and you can find the article how to do it on Perodua Alza hazard light and How to change perodua alza hazard light bulb. After a couple of months of using the LED it's finally dead. So i guess it is not suitable to use as the fog headlight see the picture below.

Now I am changing it to the new T10 E4 Halogen lamp bulb - which is the normal bulb use by the Alza. It's also coming from Mr.DIY and it's as cheap as RM2.30 for 2 pieces. The specification of this bulb is W2.1X9.5D made by CarSun brand powered by 12 Volt with 5 watt of power. It seems so far so good and let's see how long this bulb will last until the next replacement.

The brightness of the bulb is quite good and comparable to the original bulb made by Toshiba and it lasted for 6 years before it was replaced. The price of the original bulb probably around RM17 to RM30 made by OSRAM, BOSCH, Phillips or Toshiba and they will last for many years which is good.

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