Tuesday, March 26, 2019

12 Mhz crystal oscillator / resonator circuit to amplify RF signal (4G)

This is an experiment to obtain high frequency signal using the Crystal oscillator / resonator. - The idea is to get high frequency to amplify RF signal and multiply that signal using frequency multiplier (coming soon) to achieve 2600 Mhz or 2.6 Ghz signal and this will help to amplify the 4G mobile signal. This intention arise from the frustratingly weak 4G signal around my area despite the cell tower are everywhere coming from different directions and based on the signal map area - it is well covered within moderately strong 4G signal but unfortunately the signal reception i get is lesser than it should. So this is an initial pilot project to achieve the higher frequency to amplify 4G signal that coming from the antenna. The circuit will have 1 input antenna place outdoor to receive the 4G signal then amplify in the circuit and finally to the indoor antenna like a repeater device.

There are 4G booster / amplifier / repeater out there made in China but it cost quite a price. Having said that the experiment only cost few cents of component probably less than 1 buck. So I am going to make this happen sooner or later to solve my 4G signal. For the record if full 4G signal strength is obtain the internet speed provided by the DiGi service provider could go up to a maximum of 25 Mbps which is almost lightning speed fast and quick. Currently i get around 1 Mbps or less.

Circuit 1: To generate 12 Mhz frequency

1. 12 Mhz Crystal Oscillator
2. 1 Kohm Resistor
3. 10 Kohm Resistor
4. 1100 Kohm Resistor
5. 680 Kohm Resistor
6. 150 pF ceramic capacitor
7. 68 pF ceramic capacitor
8. BC547 BJT NPN Transistor

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