Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Easy Simple Flies Swatter / Mosquito Swatter Racket / Bug Zapper 100% working schematic diagram

This is an easy simple flies swatter / mosquito swatter racket / bug zapper 100% working schematic diagram. To make it easy for the electronic enthusiast out there to understand and learn how it works. Basically it consist of the following electronic components.

1. High voltage step up boost mini-transformer (2 Primary and 1 High voltage secondary)
2. NEC D882P (NPN Transistor)
3. 3 High voltage diode rectifier RFC4K
4. 221K 4KV Capacitor (220 pF)
5. CBB81 223J2KV (0.022 uF 2KV Metallized Film)
6. 2 x Unknown capacitor which i believe it is around 2KV to 4KV

Note: The High voltage diode is quite rare and it's quite costly because it rated 2000 to 3000 volt / 0.2 and it's a fast recovery rectifier diode. Refer to the RFC4K diode datasheet.


·fast switching
·Low leakage
·high current capability
·high surge capability
·High reliability

Note: The transformer is has 2 primary (green and orange as indicated in the diagram) and 1 secondary (red). At 3 DC volts the transformer can amplify voltage up to 500+ volts AC. Then it is amplify again using the voltage multiplier to produce few thousands volt spark to kill mosquitoes, flies, bugs, etc.

The idea of learning this bug zapper is because there is more things that we can modify from it and turn it into high voltage and make something else out of it. I.e. Stun Gun / Taser, Electromagnetic pulse device, and perhaps ionizer. I am pretty sure someone out there have more hidden ideas that can be done from this zapper. It also provides an idea how DC can be turned into AC easily and many more ideas can pop up out of this swatter if you learn in detail. The overall component if purchased separately is very costly - you would rather buy the zapper itself and salvage its component instead which is way much cheaper.

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