Thursday, March 28, 2019

How to increase 4G internet speed on Android smart phone

One of the most interesting software that I've just download recently from the Google Play store and it's completely free to use. It is called Connection Stabilizer Booster - you can just type the keywords on Google Play Store it should just pop up in the list to download for free.

After using it almost a week I think there is some improvement on my 4G DiGi internet connection speed although you can't barely see it but there is a consistent sign of internet broad becomes faster when the Connection Stabilizer Booster is turned on.

How to use it is very easy just tap on Keep Alive and select Mobile Data if you want it to work on 4G mobile signal or WiFi for wireless internet connection. See the screenshot below. As long as Keep Alive is turned on the software will automatically refresh and switch connection either Mobile Data or WiFi depending on which connection is your smart phone connected to.

The idea of the Connection Stabilizer Booster is to force refresh the connection so that the internet connection will force itself onto the phone connection making it faster to work.

It is currently available for Android smart phone and i couldn't find any in Apple store yet for iPhone version. So anyway if you are using android you could try it - there is nothing too loose only and it's free.

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